75 ?'s today. how many pass? & priority ?'s=difficult? - page 2

Hi! I took the NCLEX this morning, 75 questions, so of course I'm freaking out(like everyone after the NCLEX lol) A couple of questions: Does anyone how many people pass the NCLEX with 75... Read More

  1. by   ICU_JOSIE
    Quote from FutureUSRN
    ...enjoy the thrill of waiting....
    It wasn't thrill for me though .... it was torture!

    But I'm glad I'm over it now, best of luck to those who are still waiting for
    their results.
  2. by   EricJRN
    Quote from ncriverrat
    So if I get my results and I have failed, that means I did REALLY bad, since I only had 75 questions, right?
    75 questions means the computer had little difficulty deciding pass or fail. With that said, we've had posters here who failed with 75, then went back and prepared again and passed not long after that. Think positive though! Good luck.