3rd time's a charm!

  1. it's been such a long time since i last posted on this site... but just wanted to share with you all the good news that i passed! praise god! i took the exam for the 3rd time on january 18th and saw my name on the brn website on january 23rd. as i was taking the test i knew that there was no way that i could fail this time - and walked out of the room after 75 questions feeling very confident.

    here's what i did to study(keep in mind that i emphasized a lot on content review)
    i bought the saunder's comprehensive review for nclex-rn (3rd edition) and followed suzanne's first tip of her study guide. if i didn't score too well then i read the chapter, took detailed notes, and moved on until i reached the end of the book. i also used the saunder's q&a review for the nclex-rn examination (3rd edition) and used that to practice tons of questions. needless to say i studied for 3 months since the last test (postponed it once due to illness), barely slept 3 hours the night before the exam, and spent the rest of the morning reviewing my notes. now i know those are not the ideal conditions to have, especially the night before but i felt really pumped and confident this time around. it also helped that the testing proctor had a positive and encouraging attitude, and even gave me a hug after the test.

    for those of you who are worried about pharmacology - don't fret! i felt that it was my weakness and had numerous drug questions. as other people have advised, know the drug classifications, therapeutic and side effects, and familiarize yourself with drug names in each category.

    i also felt that i knew very well the signs/symptoms of each medical condition because you will need that information to determine what course of action the rn should take.

    that is my advice to you future test-takers, hope it helps!
    ~ elaine, rn umpiron:
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