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I'm looking for advice on what to do for the NCLEX exam. I have taken it three times and have failed. I did the Kaplan review and I didn't find that it really helped me. I did the learning extension... Read More

  1. by   Kuttuse
    Hi Guys
    I am taking my exam on january 18th. I finished reading saunders 6th edition a month ago and did Uworld for one month and finished all the questions. I have an average of 62% at the completion of Qbank and has high passing chance with test 1 and 2. I am so nervous when its getting closer to my exam. Any tips to control my anxiety.
  2. by   hopetopassnclex
    Quote from FuturePsychNP21
    If you haven't been able to pass after 3 times I would re-evaluate if nursing is for you
    Why did you even comment on this thread? Someone came here to seek advice and not to be mocked or brought down by people like you. How do you even treat your patients with so little or no compassion at all. It is not necessarily you must comment on every thread, you can skip the once you don't like. Some have failed multiple times and passed later and they are great nurses today. Try to be
    be nice and kind at some point in your life. I think it is time the management here should look into these comments and tell people to not ridicule or bring down others who are desperately asking for help and encouragement.
  3. by   WoldeKiros
    I wish you the best.Stay ready and strong.Positive vibes.
  4. by   narijimenez3
    I have some really good material and audios that helped me. Can you send me your email and I'll send them to you !
  5. by   joem2009
    Do Not Give Up. I took nclex rn first try 2013,I failed. At that time I just did self review using Saunders Comprehensive RN reviewer. Last year, I decided to take the test again. I enrolled KAPLAN RN on demand review for 3 months. I still use Saunders for reference as I remediate question trainers and Q bank. I believe taking time on remediating each question helped a lot.I study early morning (2am till 5am ) as this time works best for me and my kids were sleeping . I am a single mom with 2 kids (8 and 15month old) with a full time day job. I passed NCLEX RN on January 08,2018.
  6. by   Mickkyme
    How dare you determine who should be a nurse or not. Delay does not mean denial. You are so wrong and I think that you should reevaluate yourself. I cannot stand people like you.
  7. by   Nurse4sure
    I used Hurst review and the audio of Mark klimek who used to write questions for the actual state board Nclex exams. Hurst review was tooooo much information and clogged my brain.. I couldn't remember it all. Remar Review is more simple and straight to the point with easy ways to remember. I purchased her questions and went through them daily. Mark klimek is who I really believed helped me. He really breaks every thing down and teaches you what to look for and just how to answer the questions. I believe his lectures helped me pass the most. Also I took it 3 times as well.. before during all of the above.
  8. by   ohitskev
    Don't let negativity get to the best of you. Always stay positive because everyone has their moment to shine.

    No matter how long it will take you to take your nclex and pass it, in a couple years you might surpass your peers / even the individual who commented negatively to your situation. NCLEX is one of the biggest stepping stones that can make you stop in your tracks, but once you pass it which you will, your choices will be endless.

    My suggestion: Review your candidate performance report. Check which subjects you need to improve on. I used uworld to pass. Do all questions by subject matter (Adult Cardio, Adult Integumentary, Adult Renal) . Read all rationales & write out the rationales which you have no idea about. (Going through all 2000 questions, I wrote and jotted down filling up 3 notebooks) Being consistent in studying is key. Do not take time off and study again. Do not procrastinate. Answer questions on the go. For me it took pure dedication in doing questions, understanding rationales, reading textbook for further clarification. Schedule your next NCLEX at a different testing center also.

    Hope this helps. You will be fine!
  9. by   eloune
    Don't listen to those negative people, remember t what i said in my statement when I wrote about I passed they are just here for that to discourage people. Don't pay attention to them do what's you have to do. Trust me soon You will pass.
  10. by   SobreRN
    Wow, how rude! I breezed through NCLEX passing 1st attempt after 75 questions only to discover I found the real world of work so incredibly stressful I thought I had made a massive mistake for the 1st couple of years. My intelligence was of no use to me in practice, only my tenacity prevented me from quitting in the middle of my shifts that 1st year.
    I am a good test taker but not everyone is, some suffer from anxiety such that they forget everything they have learned and I would hardly say NCLEX is a barometer of ones' ability to be a good nurse.
    Lastly the poster came here for advise on retaking NCLEX, not to be dissed by an arrogant future psych NP.
  11. by   eloune
    Amen you are absolutely rightGood job 100% agree with you.
  12. by   Blinker
    You are rude I know people have taken the Nclex 8 times amnd passed. This should be for positive peoplle not like you.!!!😲
  13. by   Blinker
    My email: tiny_ch1@yahoo.com Thank you