265 questions and my worst nightmare

  1. Well, my day came and sad to say my worst nightmare came true. I got 265 questions AND a crap load of baby questions! NOT MY strong area. I wanted tons of pharm, psych and cardiac/stroke issues as I work on a Neuroscience floor and pharm has always been a strong area for me. I don't wanna work with babies and thus it was my weak point. I also was not able to complete all my clinical rotations for OB due to our school scheduling....sigh! I had done the Kaplan and Davis review for nurses, no where in either of those did it teach you what to do for equipment failure. I had a ton of questions on equipment failure type things. Plugging equipment into "red sockets" "generator power" or contacting BIO-MED/Engineering were not responses available to chose!
    I am in California and feel doomed. It is not the money as I don't get that much more for being a RN v.s. my LVN role. However, I have been functioning as a RNIP and do very well. I may now have to say...I did NOT pass, but time will tell. I'm still hoping I can type in my name and it will pop up on the CA RN website. We will see, if not I am going to test out of state so I only have 45 days to wait. Has anyone ever done that before?? Interested in knowing the process.
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    Sorry to hear about the 265 questions. This will happen to me I am sure of it when I take mine in a couple of months. I had never really thought about questions like that being on the NCLEX. Will definately have to look into equipment failure. How long did it take you to answer all those questions? Did you do anything special when studying to address the peds? That is my weak area too.

    Keep your fingers crossed that you passed the test and let us know when you get the results!!
  4. by   alleycat
    I did the Kaplan and the Davis Review for Nurses. I also had/have access to the ATI testing website and did that as well. I "thought" I was prepared but not for questions like equipment failures, who would think something like that would be asked!? NOT me....
    Best of luck to you as well
    It is not a piece of cake, and I am a good student as well...sigh!
  5. by   head injury unit RN
    only your last 75 or so questions will be counted. first 150+ questions are forgotton about. hope you had more strong point questions in the end of test. good luck and if you don't pass try again
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    attn: you can get your results free in as little as 2 days----all u have to do is-----go on your computer/internet--go to website of your state's professional license dept ex.(www.licensepa.state)---once on the site all states have one check the status of your license by typing in your name it will come up if you passed. especially the girl who posted original comment this info is considered public info so you should be able to find your lpn license by your name or thru lpn license # from there the status will change from lpn to rn or will have your lpn#and issue date and will then list your rn#and issue date--------you will know by using this method quicker than any other way.-----a dirctor of nursing told me how to do this--its also how they check for validation of your license you show them and also to see if you are in good standings---hope this helps all you students awaiting answers by mail, and the phone systems that charge you $ to tell you if you passed
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    Thats true. If you don't pass, just try again. I know two females who failed their RN boards the first time. They took them a couple of weeks ago, and passed. One had 135 questions, and the other one had 265. I even know an excellent RN who has been a nurse for about 20 years, and I heard she took boards 6 times. So, think positive.

    Quote from head injury unit RN
    only your last 75 or so questions will be counted. first 150+ questions are forgotton about. hope you had more strong point questions in the end of test. good luck and if you don't pass try again
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    I'm so sorry you feel like this. I think everyone does after the NCLEX. I don't think anywhere in my review books does it talk about red sockets and equipment failure. I didn't think any questions with equipment would be on the nclex. The exam does pick out your weak points and gives them to you like there is no tomorrow.

    I'm crossing everything that you passed!!!

  9. by   alleycat
    Thank you to everyone for your positive reinforcement
    I am an OFFICIAL RN in the State of California
    265 questions and I made it :hatparty:
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    :melody: congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!! :melody:
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    (Remember the number of questions is only the number of questions)
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    Congratulations! :hatparty: :flowersfo :smiley_aa