265 questions and still failed

  1. Hello everyone!
    So... I was waiting to have back surgery, I have incredible test anxiety and taking this test while on painkillers is prolly not the best decision.
    Here's the deal, I took the test the second week in August. I took ALL 265 questions and still did not pass. What does this mean? I know that I am not stupid. I know if you ask me to show you how to do something I can. But, dang it, this test was ugly.
    I need a dose of brutal honesty here...anyone have any advice? I take the test again on October 9th. I just got out of the hospital yesterday for a lumbar fusion and am wondering how I should utilize my next 5 weeks so that I can pass the NCLEX. I think we can all agree my timing has sucked, but am a single mom with 3 kids and had to schedule this way. HELP?!
    Thanks for any advise or input...i really appreciate it!!!!
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  3. by   bamagrl
    Im so sorry that you failed and that you have been having such a difficult time.. all i can suggest is that you dust your self off and try again! hang in there..
    what study plans have you been using?
    wishing you all the best & we are in your corner cheering you on
  4. by   Markthemalenurse
    Shannon, Don't feel bad. The first time I took the NCLEX, I had pneumonia, and the same thing happened to me. I hit the 265 questions mark and failed. So I picked myself up, studied the A-B-Cs, Maslow's Heiarchy of Needs, and passes with 75 questions. Hang in there.
  5. by   RebeccaJeanRN
    I think you are remarkable to be able to focus on retesting ASAP, especially considering your kids and recent surgery. Here is my suggestion if you MUST retest that quickly, despite your recent surgery: use TWO sources (Saunders and another), and use TWO methods (online/CD questions and questions on paper in a book). Do 150 questions a day and take 2 days off a week. At the four week mark, this will give you 3000 practice questions. Review and learn EVERYTHING that you do not get correct. And get enough sleep, vitamins, healthy food, etc. while you are doing this. Your surgery's success will depend on your keeping a healthy lifestyle while you mend. Last suggestion: accept any and all offers for people to help with your children and tru not to allow yourself to feel guilty. When you pass the exam, plan to make up for lost time spent with them. Best of luck to you- you are remarkable in your determination!
  6. by   pancake
    Dear Shannon,

    I'm so sorry you failed your first test but it's perfectly understandable given the situation. Good for you that you've rescheduled. I have test anxiety too. When I first started studying the saunder's book for the nclex, I had panic attacks and couldn't think. I felt so overwhelmed and didn't know how best to focus my energy.

    What I ended up doing was the Kaplan online course. It was really pricey, about $400, but it saved me. I wanted to throw up when I typed in my credit card number, but I decided to look at it as an investment. And besides, it costs a lot more to have to wait another 90 days to test. But everyone is different. I have a lot of friends that studied saunder's and they were really happy with it, and they passed too.

    The kaplan online course worked for me because I was able to study at home and had a laid out plan of how to study. Like you, I have a bad back, so I laid on my floor at home and listened to the lectures everyday. The structure allowed me to stay calm. I suppose it was handholding, but I was so anxious I needed it. I listened to the lectures for 4 weeks, and during the last week I did 100-150 of the practice questions a day.

    When I took the real test, it felt like just more of the same. I knew what to expect and felt confident. I passed in 75.

    But this is just what worked for me. Everyone has given you great advice on what worked for them too. Good luck! I wish you the best.
  7. by   tencat
    I hear that Kaplan is the best way to go.
  8. by   EricJRN

    Just to add - 265 questions means that the computer had a pretty tough time deciding pass/fail for sure. In other words, you were likely close to passing. Hang in there and give it another shot!
  9. by   RNKay31
    First of all I am very sorry about your failure, it is very true what Eric said, I had 265 on July 15th and I fail too, and my paper from nclex stated that all my areas was near passing, except infection control, it was below passing because I did not study that area, but I rise up the following day and started to study again, and today I retested, and feel much more confident, hang in there, do your best and God will do the rest, God bless.
  10. by   Nursing28
    Hi Shannon
    I too do know that feeling because I also failed at 265 questions. According to Kaplan "when a candidate takes all 265 questions and fails. This candiate"almost pass". If the last question is below the level of difficulty needed to pass, the candiate fails. If the last question is above the level of difficult needed to pass, the candiate pass. Therefore, this should give you more motivation the 2nd time around. I think Saunders is a great book for review of content. I will be taking my test in Oct. This time I am not studying harder but more smarter. The NCLEX likes to test on priority, teaching and side effects of the meds. I also suggest knowing the positions such as what would you do post-op for a pt who had a thyroidectomy? etc....I had done over 3000 questions and I came to realize that when I am doing these darn questions. Wish you all the best
  11. by   Ms.RN2005
    I took the Hurst review and it was excellent. I passed the first time with 75 questions. There is an option to take the review online which may be the best choice for you after your surgery. I believe when taking it online you watch videos of Marlene Hurst teaching you the info you need to know for the NCLEX. If you've ever heard Marlene Hurst speak she is excellent - very engaging and funny. If you don't pass the NCLEX after taking their review, they will either refund your money or you have the option to take the review again for free. If you'd like to look into it here's the link to the site: http://www.hurstreview.com/. I wish you the best of luck!