132 and waiting on results

  1. I just took my nclex LPN and it stopped at 132. I am so scared that I failed. Has anyone stopped at 132 and passed.
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Since people can pass or fail at any number between the minimum and maximum scores, I imagine there are many people who have passed and many people who have failed at that number. Think positively until you get your results.
  4. by   darebear1
    I took the NCLEX this morning and it shut off at 132 questions for me too. I'm going crazy wondering if I passed or failed! I walked out of there feeling like I missed so many questions, so I'm completely unsure of how I did. I'm thinking I'll need a miracle to happen for a pass. ahhhh, I don't want to have to study again and retake it!
  5. by   smurfet
    I PASSED!!! I am so happy. I screamed and believe me everyone in the office heard me.
  6. by   Silverdragon102
  7. by   darebear1
    CONGRATULATIONS!! I hope the same happens for me...
  8. by   MystCheli
    Congratulations, see numbers are not that important you made it
  9. by   darebear1
    I found out this morning that I PASSED!! Have confidence and stay positive everyone!