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new grad, just the clinical rotations
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  1. Hi, everyone, I need help and direction as to any hospitals in New Mexico especially in El Paso and/or Farmington area who will take ADN new grads. I currently live in Chicago and as far as I know nursing is very competitive here!!! I graduated May 23 and plan to take my boards in early July. If anyone can help me with any info. I will be very helpful!!!:uhoh21:
  2. MystCheli

    licensed with an assault?

    Well I am in a similar situation in 2000 i got arrested for driving out a license and speeding. I forgot all about it and it came back to haunt me the department of financial and professional regulation send me a letter that is requesting a detailed letter of what, when and why of each situation and an original certified copy of the court documents indicating the charges. Well to my good luck i don't have any papers of that arrest! I need help as to what direction to turn. Needless to say that i passed my LPN nclex in December and to this point i have not been license. First it was the fingerprints the vendor didn't do it's job and it's the results. As I am sitting writing down I have now graduated as an RN but cannot get license as an LPN. life sucks :lol_hitti
  3. Congratulations, make up for the two years you devoted to school and all the sacrifizes that came with it. Have fun get enough rest because you will have another battle to give in July, hope everything goes well and ends soon. Good luck on your boards!!:yelclap:
  4. MystCheli

    NCLEX RN (I took my boards TODAY)

    Good luck to all of you who already took your nclex, all my positive energy is with you guys. Please don't be stranger and share your studies techniques! I plan to take boards in a couple of wks. keep us posted
  5. MystCheli

    132 and waiting on results

    Congratulations, see numbers are not that important you made it:yelclap:
  6. MystCheli

    Failed NCLEX 3 times..I want to be an RN so bad!!

    I am with you I can imagine how you feel and how heart broken you are. But I truly think you should take a small break. Go a wk without reviewing nursing material including tests. that way when you return you will have a fresh and rested mind. Don't get discouraged you know the material you are just applying your critical thinking, overanalyzing questions and beating yourself over a few mishaps. I know you can do it and you will, just take a break i know it's going to be almost impossible but at this point you have to.
  7. what is NET??