1. Today was the day. I hope that the BON posts licesnse numbers tomorrow since it is a Saturday. My classmates that took the NCLEX yesterday have a license number from the BON already today.

    I can't believe how many select all that apply I got (6 or 7). I am horrible at those questions. I would say that my content was pretty all over the place. I had one dosage calculation.

    I feel like I failed, but I hear that is normal.
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  3. by   nurseangel47
    Hi, MyBSNin06: :mortarboard:
    I bet you did just fine. I remember taking my boards way back in the day when you arrived at the state's capital, spent the night and sat through two full days of penciling in those famous balloon bubble thingies with a pencil! A moderator had to accompany you to the bathroom if you needed a break to be sure that you didn't cheat and they floated throughout the room to make sure everyone was honest, too! That's aging myself ... I've been an RN since 1986! Hard to believe it, feel much younger than that at heart!
    Head up, chin up, feet up, it's time to breathe, recover, pat self on back, and reward YOU with that bubble bath and glass of wine with candles softly glowing, nice CD on, chocolate, relaxing foot massage, whatever it is that you do for YOU when you need special TLC!:biere:
    Congrats on finishing! You're arriving in life. You've just accomplished a HUGE goal for YOU! :hatparty:
  4. by   EricJRN
    Good luck on your results. When an exam is set up so that both passers and failers score around 50%, it's bound to induce a lot of anxiety. Hang in there!