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I took Nclex RN in 2007 in US and passed. I'm a permanent resident of Canada and I was approved by CNO to take the RN exam. If I wait till 2015, will I be waived not to repeat the Nclex again and just seek registration from CNO with my previously passed Nclex result?

Please honest reply only, no insults.

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Did you ask CNO?

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Moved to the Canadian section. Have you checked with CNO? Deferring until 2015 may not be an option but a lot will depend on experience you have. I had no choice but to take it when I took it because I would not meet nursing x amount hours in x amount of years if I didn't sit the exam and get working. Would meant I would have to take a return to nursing course if I delayed it


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Thank you Nurse and Silver

I called CNO, and they said that they are unable to answer my question for it is still early to know what will happen when Nclex becomes effective in Jan. 2015.

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@ Op here is what i was told by the college in BC " the NCLEX will be accepted as exam entry to practice in Canada, as long as the nclex was written after 1982" I asked if all the colleges will follow suit and she said "most likely" but the college of BC was just the first to make the announcement.

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Agree with agiboma. Just called CRNBC right now and exam is waived if nclex is done starting Jan '15. An applicant can just apply for provisional registration till the new rule will take effect.


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its a good news for all nclex passers!

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It sure is good new in my books!

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