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NCLEX Books: Which to choose?


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Hello All,

I am trying to buy books to begin study preparation for the NCLEX-RN. I am unsure which books to use. I have heard that using books that have questions similar to the NCLEX is good. However, there are so much books out there. Please people help me... advice which book to get


Take a look at the ones offered in bookstores and pick the one that looks best to you. Most people recommend the Saunders Comprehensive Review for starters. You also should consider the prioritization book by Linda LaCharity and the Kaplan review book for test taking strategies.


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i definitely recommend lacharity book. this book is a must!

in addition, i was expecting or wanted to get a lot of sata questions because those are higher quality (more points questions) so i also bought lippincott's alternate format questions for the nclex-rn. i had no trouble answering the sata questions and i even had a couple of "similar" questions in the actual nclex-rn. i was expecting and praying for 75 qs and i did and passed.

good luck,

angel, rn

....and Davis's nclex review. All of those above books are useful. By using it I passed with 75Qs in my first take without taking any review courses.