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  1. healthcarestudent

    Army Nurses: Please Give Me Your Guidance

    Hello all, Going back and forth between the Navy Reserve Nurse Corps and the Army Reserve Nurse Corps, I am writing this blog to get your honest guidance, advice and suggestions regarding the Army Reserve Nurse Corps. I appreciate your responses to these questions and I would greatly also appreciate any word of wisdom for me that you throw into your response. What made you join the Army Reserve Nurse Corps? Are you satisfied with your current experience in the Reserve Nurse Corps? Have you been deployed? If so, where and length of time What are the possible duties of the Reserve Nurses? What month of the year do you usually attend the two-week yearly drill? Is there a possibility to attend school while serving in the Reserves Nurse Corps? Would you honestly do it all over again? What are the things I have to look out for when talking to recruiters? Thank you all for your time.
  2. healthcarestudent

    age limit for army reserves

    I contacted a recruiter few days ago and he listed all these qualifications for me and I remember he specified that the age limit is 42. That is a person must be 42 at the time of commission or accession. He however, said there is no waivers for active duty. So if you are considering the reserves, talk to a recruiter, they may be able to clarify the age limit for you.
  3. Hi everyone, I am currently a Permanent Resident and I am interested in joining the Navy Reserve Nurse Corps. I have called the only officer recuiting station in my state several times and left messages with no return call. My researches done hae lead to various answers, so I turn to you good people for help and advise. Like I said, I am a Permanent Resident with a BSN from a US four year college accredited by the CCNE and a graduating gpa of 3.85. I am interested in joining the Naval Reserve Nurse Corps and my questions are; 1). Can i get direct commission and be an officer as a permanent resident? 2). If unable to get direct commission, should i go in as an Enlist and obtain citizenship then apply for DCO? 3). How long does the process take to become an official naval reservist? Thank you all.
  4. healthcarestudent

    Best NCLEX study book?

    I used the Saunders 5th edition. I would tell you this, Saunders is awesome. I did not have money for the expensive review and all my books cost me close to $150 and they were new books too! I took 8 weeks to study for the boards. I read each chapter from Saunders based on the personalized study calendar from my initial assessment. After I study each chapter, I make sure I made notes of the pyramid points and then I review the chapter practice questions. For the next 2 1/2 weeks, I practiced questions with exam cram, Linda LaCharity PDA and NCLEX 4000. What matters most is understanding the concept, learning strategies and believing in yourself. I know people who use them expensive review and still failed twice. Good Luck!
  5. healthcarestudent

    din't pass even vid kaplan..plz hlp me

    I have quite a few friends from India and from what I noticed, many that come to the US either for school or work actually have no problem in understanding English Grammar. The NCLEX exam uses proper and correct grammar in their questions and not adulterated English that some understand/call language. With that being said, I believe your main problem is preparation. I have heard that Saunders is good for foreign graduates. If you do not feel a good vibe from Saunders, try the Exam Cram content book. It is very informational both in content wise and questions. Couple that with NCLEX 4000, Saunders Q&A and definitely Linda LaCharity PDA. You can give yourself 8 weeks for good preparation and understanding. Otherwise, you can contact Kaplan and get a refund on your money or go through their course again. Good Luck!
  6. healthcarestudent

    Has anyone been getting ATT through email?

    Have you tried calling their call center for further information. I believe if you sign up online, you get your ATT through email.
  7. healthcarestudent

    nclex results

    You can check the pearson vue site depending on your state for your unofficial result. I believe the fee to pay for the result is less than $10
  8. healthcarestudent

    May 2011 NCLEX-RN Overcomers

    KittyCuteRN, I believe on the ATT sent to you, it gives you a time period to take the exam. So if it says July 2011, there should be a specific date on the ATT for the month of july that you need to test by. Utilize your time well. If you have up till July and you feel comfortable taking it in July then you should. Don't rush yourself if you still have time on your ATT.
  9. healthcarestudent


    Exam Cram is a very good resource that you can invest in as well.
  10. healthcarestudent

    Incorrect information in NCLEX study materials.... ever notice it?

    I totally agree with you you aredenyf with using saunders. I plan on using saunders and coupling it with exam cram before my boards. Saunders is totally awesome!
  11. healthcarestudent

    Incorrect information in NCLEX study materials.... ever notice it?

    Oh yeah, I see them alot. I saw one on NCLEX 4000 saying that the nurse should acknowledge the delusions of a psychiatric patient. I read it in the text that delusions should not be fed into. I pray to God to help us all pass over this hurdle so we can get our lives back
  12. healthcarestudent

    SAARE method

    Interesting... I just read this post and used the strategy... very good to know, thanks for posting.
  13. healthcarestudent

    May 2011 NCLEX-RN Overcomers

    @ Fiori1020: Congrats By HIS Grace, we shall overcome
  14. healthcarestudent

    Last day on NCLEX studying...

    Good Luck, try to relax and don't forget to PRAY!
  15. healthcarestudent

    Another nervous, lost test taker

    Have you tried questions from the lacharity book? If you feel that you have pretty much covered the saunders, then you can do practice questions from exam cram or the nclex 4000 software. Both are good resources IMO. Lacharity is wonderful and I recommend it. Best of Luck!
  16. healthcarestudent


    Best of Luck... Brush up and go through the areas you are not so comfortable with... The Lord will surely see you through