NCLEX April 2013


So I took the nclex exam last April 8 2013, sadly, i found out today that I did not pass. Im really devastated because I was denied by CA BRN because I am a foreign graduate. Applied for Nevada and now im here. That's more than a year in the waiting and now i am continuing on waiting.

Anyway, i would really appreciate it if you guys could help me on what i should do so that I would succeed the next time. What books should i read.

I enrolled in Kaplan, did their Qtrainers and Qbanks. I purchased LaCharity and Saunders also.

Thank you so much to anyone who could help me.


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Cheer up! You did your best! Just don't lose hope and continue to follow your dreams of becoming a Registered Nurse. What were your routines during your review? Maybe you can revise it on the next time you take the Nclex.


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Don't beat yourself up. You'll pass next time. In addition to what you used, I also used NCLEX 3500 which I feel really helped me a lot. It's free online. Just google NCLEX 3500 and start doing questions. The alternate format questions section is really good in my opinion. Hope this helps! Good luck to you!


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Thank you for the replies. I will surely try that Nclex 3500 thing. :) i hope i will pass the next time. Ive been really waiting for this for so long!


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do you have free link of nclex 3500 i heard a lot was using fr PI and will have my first try on monday. using hurst review now ;)

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If you keep on hoping then you won't pass. Claim it, be positive.


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Hi mimimaramo i wanted to pm you but it wont let maybe becuz im new to this site. We have the same situation i also got denied in ca and applied for nclex att in nevada ill be moving to nevada at end of may when are u planning to take your test?. I just think that we could help each other out through the review if its ok with you.


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keep praying. "through christ, all things are possible"