NCLEX 04/03/2014 & I Passed !!!!!

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Hi everyone , I AM A REGISTERED NURSE SINCE 04/05/2014

I wanted to start this blog for all of you all out there in Nursing school and people that ready take their NCLEX. Here is my HONEST input on from nursing school to NCLEX , which I took it 04/03/2014.

I graduated from nursing school on 1/24/2014 with 2.89 GPA. I am never been a perfect student nor good test taker. In fact I failed the first predictor by 5 points, but at the end I passed it. I studied 5 hrs a day for a month. Here what I did: ATI first 15 day ( because I had too many things that I had to go over and re-learn again) then I stopped the ATI ; I mean when I was finished I have never go back and studying again . because ATI s questions are too straight forward and simple for NCLEX. Than last 15 day , nothing but answered questions from KAPLAN and NCSBN website. YOU MUST READ & WRITE DOWN EVERY SINGLE RATIONELS with simple terms that I can understand, why? Because NCSBN had so many questions that text books did not have it, and KAPLANs questions were good for practice NCLEX language. if you just read and pass to next question , you are going to forget it .And every afternoon I studied LaCharity .That book is a BIBLE for you.

one week from the exam my wife had a miscarriage - I was hard broken and distracted. But did not give up.

Three days from NCLEX date I told myself that there is nothing I will loose if I did not pass this exam. I promise my self this: " You know you are going to see questions that you have never seen and you know it is going to be very hard. So CALM DOWN AND GIVE YOUR BEST. "

Exam date I pack some stuff with me to eat , because I was getting ready to stay there 6 hrs. Please do the same. Some granola bars, Gatorade, mint, banana. Bring it to exam center, because you are not allowed to go to your car.

MY EXAM: 265 QUESTIONS - 5.35 HRS - 50-65 SATA's - Tons of infections, pharm , priorities, 1 math, 1 ECG, it was HARD... Very hard.. and I was shock , but I said to myself that GIVE YOUR BEST SHOT. I broke down every single thing that I did not know.

Mainly meningitis and pneumonia questions , stuff that you wont see it in the books.

After the Exam : I thought I failed and just went back to Pearson Vue to re-register but instead I got the Good pop up AMAZING and a miracle ...I was in a shock , I called ten people and read the article over and over , I even did a youtube to see if the trick is real.

it took 2 days to get the Quick results. and I PASSED !!!!!!!!!! now I am waiting my BON to put my name to website.

My main point is Believe in to yourself, if I can do it YOU CAN DO IT AS WELL. DONT GIVE UP !!! GIVE YOUR BEST !!! DONT STOP ANSWERING QUESTIONS !!!! pray the God , if he allows you to pass you will pass. if it is your time God will guide you .

good luck to u all.


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Wowwwwww congrats my friend


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I'm sorry to hear about your loss. :( but congrats for passing the test! :) You are now a certified RN! :D


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congratulations i'm preparing to take my nclex 04/17

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Congratulations and sorry for your loss.


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Congrats OP. Welcome to the RN community. The key thing you said which is great - you went into the exam with "nothing to lose." Going in with that mindset relieves tons of anxiety.

My deepest sympathy on your loss.


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Sorry for your loss and Congrats on passing. You displayed determination thats awesome


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Fantastic!!! You've worked sooooo hard to get here. Cheers!!


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Thank you eveeyone...... I will be prayingfor you. :)


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wow Congratulations. Thanks for sharing.

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