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 If you applied and haven't gotten a response email either nursing or admissions because I was accepted since the 21st and didn't get an email. So I emailed nursing today and I got the acceptance email. I'm not too sure what happened but I'm grateful I followed up. Please check!!


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hi everyone who got accepted (or not) to NCC in this post, do you mind sharing your total point?

I asked the program coordinator but they said because each cohort was different, they couldn't tell me what a minimum point was. I'm sure they have historical statistics and data, but they don't want to share. 


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On 4/14/2021 at 2:56 PM, Samantha Leto said:

Hello all!

I have been doing nothing but freaking out about getting in.  I also applied to Adelphi but I really want to go to Nassau’s program.  I have had nothing but a wonderful experience at Nassau and I use the daycare for my daughter.  After this semester I will have all of the non-nurses classes done besides the empire college classes.


My grades for prerequisites:

Eng composition 1 - A

Statistics - A

Anatomy 1 - B+
Anatomy 2 - A

Biomedical Ethics - A

Psych 1 and 2 - A

Taking this currently : Pathophysiology, Medical Microbiology, English 2 (Honors), and Spanish 2 (just for full time credit and if I needed to apply to stony brook you need two languages)

TEAS: 73.3- reading 80.9, math 65.6, science 78.7, and English language 66.7.  This test was very hard for me.  Hope it’s good enough to get in.  

Good luck everyone!

(I was told end of April when I applied on 3/10)

I have similar stats as you. Did you get in?


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On 2/17/2021 at 11:28 AM, KellyAnn said:

Hey everyone! 

Applying to the Fall 2021 NCC nursing program. I have a 3.8 GPA and am not a Nassau resident. After this semester, I will have nearly all of the non-nursing classes done with mostly A's but I'm in progress right now with A&P2, Western Civ., lifespan dev., and biomedical ethics (I'm hoping the fact that these are 'in progress' will not affect my chances of getting in). I have a 76 on the TEAS which I'm slightly worried about- but if they are letting students in the way they did last semester, the amount of classes you have done is dominant over your TEAS score. 

Good luck to everyone applying! This will not be the first time I've applied to their nursing program, but my stats have improved since the last time I applied so my fingers are crossed! 

Hi did you get in the Fall 2021 program?