My Students LOVE me!


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:redbeathe, OK it was 2:57 yesterday! (Had my bags packed. Had made it through the day with nothing catastrophic happening. ) A little junior walks in gives me the "Look", and says "I haven't had my period in 2 months." I shut the door and begin the talk...then she leans over and whispers "April's Fool!" So how do I get to pay them back?! We had Prom Promise this AM, with the wreck, ambulance, coroner, etc.......I got to play the screaming grieving mother. Yep - had 200 kids crying. :D(But it was a good lesson for them too):up: Just wondering, did any of you have an April's Fool played on you?

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nothing like that !! i just had the old "your shoe's untied" routine :yeah:

sounds like your student really got you good ! haha !!

praiser :heartbeat

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I was out with a sick daughter yesterday, but was thankful I didn't have to deal with it. I was afraid someone would come running and tell me that someone stopped breathing or have to have the sex talk with someone.


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Toward the end of the day, as we were dealing with a teacher put on crutches; 2 students RUN in the clinic yelling that a student was having a seizure. When I entered the technology class, the teacher's holding her heart stating they almost made her heart act up. I then look at the class that's falling out in laughter. I had the principal speak to them all because they are in high school and I was in no mood at the time. Maybe had I known one of the 2 boys or if the year had been less hectic. :banghead::chuckle:down:


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I wasn't the victim but a few of us "TP'd" the principal's office. It was just good clean fun!

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