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My Story ........... For those who think will they ever get thier first job.

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I guess I have posted my story before, but after reading others frustration that they will never get a job I thought I would share my story again. I got married before I started nursing school. I had a BS in biology, but the job I was gonna get with that was anywhere from $10-13/hr, needless to say it was not enough. Some how I thought of nursing and applied and got into UMD SON. Wow was I happy. Started school and had my first baby girl when I was doing my L&D rotation at the same hospital I was doing it. Was a gread experience and I was very happy. I greaduated in December 2004 with like a mid B grade after finishing a BS in 18 months. I was very confidant. Took NCLEX right away and took it very easy, I failed it not only once but twice. This is the only exam I have ever failed in my life. I cried in my heart so many times. I was a shamefull thing. Being a man and how a man thinks he is tough I said the hell with it I am never gonna take it again "forget it". My lovely wife begged me so many times but I refused. It came to a point that we use to fight when ever she brought it up. Anyhow, I joined my brother in his HVAC bussiness and we made some money. It was all good for about 4 years. We had some great days. But with the recent economic fall, our bussiness fell too. From a company of about 20 down to 2 of us and then eventually all of it.

I started thinking of Nursing again and started getting ready for NCLEX in September 2009. I was nervous, anxious, afraid, scard, and a bit excited too. I studied from scratch. This time I took Kaplan to help me prepare. Decmeber 16th 2009 was the big day. I can't ever forget that day, I took the exam. 75 questions came and nothing happened. I was calm and cool, took my break, went to the bath room and had sip of water and got myself ready for a long day. I got 2 more questions and then it was over. Next day I did the pearsonveu trick. I was shaking and crying, I had passed. Wow it was a bid day. I had finally concoured the big bad sucker. I had taken the monkey off of my back. Now, I was sure that I will get a job easily. We all knew shortage of Nurses and all. Boy was I wrong. Its January now, I haven't worked in 4 months. All the money I had was gone. Hospitals were saying they might start hiring in Febuarary. So I asked my wife to be patient. Freburary came and nothing. We had no money. I didn't even had enough money to take now my 2 girls to Mcdonald. My wife broke down that day, she said its my responsablity to bring the bread on the table. She had never worked as I had wanted that and I was able to bring enough. She said that day I don't care what kinda job you find, find me something I cant take this anymore. It was the worst day of my life. I went outsinde the house and in a hidden corner cried, looked up and said "Oh dear God, please help me, you can see everything. I need your help for me, for her, and first of all for my kids". It was a tough time.

After that day I started applying where ever I saw a nursing job available. To all the nursing homes, asissed living places, all the hospitals and everywhere. I went as saw some nurse recruiter personally. Sometimes I saw them more than one time. To some of them, I even begged to do anything they can for me. I told them I have 2 kids and no money left. Any how, in early March I got my first interview. It was a compnay doing some survays on bahalf of insurace companies and needed some data from medical records. It was a temparary job only until May 2010 and I took it. I got my second interview from an Asissted living house. It was a partime job. The interview went great and I got the job. Meanwhile I got some other interview and most of them said we will call you if we need you. Then one of the recruiter from a hospital that I use to see every week called me and said there is a job open and I have forwarded your resume and the nurse manager said no promises but I will interview him. It was a job on a Stroke unit. I was thrilled. I went for the interview, I think God was with me that day and the prayers from my parents, grad parents, my wife and everyone were with me. I had the best interview and actually had a great time there. It was 2 hours long. They took an exam on the computer, I aced it. She also asked me some questions and was impressed by my answers. She called me the next day to come shadow a nures on her floor and if I liked it, she will offer me the job. I was thrilled and over joyed. To make it short, I shadowed the nurse and told them I like it. They offered me the job on the Stroke unit. Today I took my physical and I start Oriantaion in early April 2010.

To all of you who are having difficulty finding a job, I will say keep trying. Try everywhere you see a job. Do not give up. You will get it. Be yourself, see the nurse recruitors, tell them the truth. I can tell you, believe me this first job hunting will be a very unique experience. I know it sounds funny, but look at me, there was a day when I had no hope and I cried in front of my God (or who ever you blieve in) and now I have 3 jobs. I am happy, I know and hope you all will be too. Good luck to everyone.


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Wow. Thank you for sharing, you have quite a story:) Congrats on finally conquering the NCLEX, but more important, congrats on your jobs!

Thank you for sharing. I only hope my story will end as happily as yours.

Ace587RN, RN

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Awesome story! Theres always hope when you keep on fighting. God is great :D

AugustBoy your story inspired me!

I have a question, I hope you could help me with it :)

Did you put your assisted living experience on your resume right when you started working there while looking for a hopspital job?

Thank you in advance. and congrats on the jobs!! :)


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Actually no, I didn't have that job when I interviewed for the hospital job. But I did tell them that I have interview for the asissted living house job and hope to get it. So the nurse manager knew that I was gonna get the part time job. Hope it helps you.

Actually no, I didn't have that job when I interviewed for the hospital job. But I did tell them that I have interview for the asissted living house job and hope to get it. So the nurse manager knew that I was gonna get the part time job. Hope it helps you.

Thank you!


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Congratulations on getting the job. Its tough out there, but you made it!

One thing I have to add, not to pry, is why didn't your wife try get a job when you guys really needed the money? Has she ever even had a job? It sound to me like she should have supported you a little better instead of crying about it and making you feel worse.


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WONDERFUL! I am so happy for you! I also have to say that I am PROUD of you...even if I do not know you!

I know it is tough out there now, I actually just finished posting my thoughts on the job market and the perpetual myth that there is a nursing shortage on another thread. There is NO SHORTAGE!

I just want to say that you are a shining example to everyone out there looking. I have friends who have been looking for months unsuccessfully but I dont think they have had the intestinal fortitude that you have.

I hope that the nurses who are having such a difficult time will read your post and learn from it.

Never give up!

If you put the same effort into your nursing job, that you did in finding it-you will be a HECK of a nurse!

I also believe your conversation with God was certainly heard!:redpinkhe

Good things and many Blessings to you and your family


how did you explain the 4 yr gap from school and nclex. I am having the same problem. I grad in 12/2003 and passed my NCLEX in 2/2010 passed with 75 ques and I also took kaplan

Thank you for sharing your very uplifting and relatable story! God bless and be with you and your family.


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Thank you for sharing your story! very inspirational. Please pray for me:redpinkhe

God is a good God. Thanks for sharing your story and having faith in him. God is so good only if we would just all have more faith.

Awesome testament!

Thank you for sharing :) Congrats!!

Ace587RN, RN

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how did you explain the 4 yr gap from school and nclex. I am having the same problem. I grad in 12/2003 and passed my NCLEX in 2/2010 passed with 75 ques and I also took kaplan

take a refresher course shows you are up to date


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I love this story...its such an inspiring story. It allows me to think of my life and how it took me 8months to get a job. working at as a hostess and a waitress to pay bills was tough with a family of four!..Its God...I am still praying to get into the hospital. But hearing your story encourages me to keeping searching....

Thank you so much for you post...and Congratulations to you and Glory be to God!:redpinkhe:yeah:


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