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I found a website where I could order a nursing cap that looks like the hat I use to have many moons ago. I ordered it along with a hat bag to keep it dust free when I'm not wearing it. It is due to arrive in two or three days. I'm soooooooo excited! :)

Tomorrow I'm going out to the uniform shop and buy myself a white uniform and new shoes. I'm already starting to feel the excitement just from the anticipation of dressing as I did when I graduated 16 years ago. I feel like a little kid right now! :chuckle

If anyone is interested in purchasing a hat for themselves or for someone else, here is the link to the site I ordered my hat from:

The one I ordered is the wide four inch one. :nurse:


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be sure to take a pic & share! I'm so excited for you! :D

live4today, RN

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I willllllll! :kiss Stay tuned! :chuckle

Tweety, BSN, RN

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Good luck. You realize you are going to be getting a lot of "are you from another planet looks" don't you. But then you'll be able to explain your reasonings. Any chance you can talk any of your coworkers into going into with you, or are you going to just shock everyone. :eek:

Here's the picture from the site you sent us too. That's how I picture you. :p



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They have a better selection.

live4today, RN

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Specializes in Community Health Nurse. are too kind my man...:blushkiss Wish I were that beautiful and slim. :chuckle far as the look that I might get, people tend to look at me anyway like I'm from another planet, especially when my emotions are flaring. :chuckle is going to be for the SHOCK value...not telling anyone. Just going to show up at work dressed in full garb. (can you hear the witches laugh right now) :rotfl:

live4today, RN

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Ariko, I looked at KaysCaps online and none of them were replicas of the hat I wore in nursing school that's why I went to the other site and purchased one. I'll get more of a feel for the hat once it arrives. It has been 16 years since I've even seen that hat! :chuckle


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You got a cap when you graduated 16 years ago? I graduated 18 years ago and got a school pin instead. Probably has everything to do with the fact that I went to a community college.

I grew up reading Sue Barton and Cherry Ames stories and often dreamed of getting my cap when I became a nurse. I have to admit to being a little bit disappointed when I got to nursing school and caps were pretty much gone. Now, almost 20 years later I don't even wear white anymore.....let alone a cap. The last time I wore a "cap" was when I dressed up as a nurse for Halloween (yeah, real reach eh? :p ) and made a cap out of bristol board. Sat on my head like a sail too! LOL!

Cheerfuldoer, do what you feel comfortable doing. If you want to wear a cap then go for it. And yes, please do post a pic when you get the chance. :nurse:



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Yeppers a picture of you of your coworkers with jaws agape! Then have it made into a card! It is so fabulous you carrying through with your own instincts! WOOOOO!!!!



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Woooooot !

We want PICS! We want PICS ! We want PICS !!! camerashot.gif

You GO, Renee... have a blast, and tell us all about it !

:nurse: :nurse: :nurse:

Tweety, BSN, RN

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Oh yes, I can hear them now.

I've only known two nurses who wore a cap. People made fun of one nurse because because hers was so dirty and yellow, so make sure you wash yours somehow. :)

The other nurse wore hers "because the Lord told me too. And ever since I put it on I've had peace with my career. " Apparently she used to have turmoil and horrible days. Only good days since she put on her hat. Who knows it may bring you good luck. The ghosts of nurses past may smile upon you. :)


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Do you still see "Flossies" in London?

I have my original cap stored away in a hat box.

St. Thomas's. London, Florence Nightingale's hospital thus "Flossie"

Oh my goodness where have all the years gone?

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