My new nurse manager is driving me crazy

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Well, I'm still biding my time. I'm not exactly sure if she is the clean up manager or what she is. Friday I was called into the office because of my I-watch, and that some how violated the no cell phone rules. I said that I was unable to take calls on my watch but I can see when they come in, I also said that I had not seen the no watch policy, and at this time I need to be able to know who is calling me. She then recommended that all my phone calls urgent or not be fielded via the unit secretary. Including my sons social worker. I said no, that is breaching his confidentially. She then said if my husband calls me at work he needs to tell the unit secetary the reason for his call (i.e.: emergency) and she will find me.

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It's quite clear.

No one cares if we have lives. Or families. Or elderly parents. Or babies. Or pets.You SHOULD feel guilty that you aren't there 24/7:sour:

I believe upper management hires these type of "supervisors" so they can clean house and have all young newbs for employees.They won't/can't complain.So they will do whatever is asked of them. Not to mention, company loses the weight of seniority, or higher wages, or benefits, etc.Look at all that money they are saving by having a revolving door.

hey- with the surplus of RN's they will NEVER run out of supply.

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On 3/10/2017 at 5:08 PM, Lilone20 said:

that stated that we could no longer have set days off due to the needs of the unit. (My days off are Tues/Weds) the ones that work scheduled for me) I told her that, it was impossible for me to schedule my sons specialty appointments, PT/OT appointments and daycare if I don't ha

Sounds like a real beast,uncaring selfish,that unit needs a walk out strike.You can not fight this monster alone and I doubt even if a group complaint could improve things,you might have to use up your sick time then kiss them adio baby.They don't deserve loyal caring workers.