My NCLEX Passing Story!


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Well, speculative passing!I got the GOOD Pop-UP about 10 min after finishing and have been ever since (I've checked about 5 more times) I have a LOT of faith in the PVT so pending the trick working, I am still waiting on official results!

My back story in a nutshell is that I started my RN -ADN nursing school in Fall 2010 and was able to sit for my PN boards in AUG of 2011. Due to my husband moving across the state I had to bow out of my ADN program and apply as a transfer student to a new CC. Since I was able to sit for my PN boards tho I was able to work in the meantime.

I somehow passed my PN boards in Sept of 2011 with only 85 questions and felt completely dumbfounded after I finished. I remember just making 'educated guesses' on so many of them.

Fast-forward to March of 2012 I was accepted into my new ADN program and graduated last month with my ADN. Throughout the program on top of studying for each section I would use my saunders book and review content from there more-so then my Med-surg text. My 5th/6 quarter was very easy for me (Long-term and Psych, Both of which I have worked in prior) so ALL I did was NCLEX question after NCLEX question..

My program also had us do the ATI RN PREDICTOR test at the beginning of our last quarter in which i shockingly got an 81.3% on which equated to a '99% chance of passing on my first try'. So I felt very empowered about that and used it to steer my content review. I was weak in 'physiologic adaptation and Peds' so I mainly focused on that...

My final quarter was my senior preceptorship in which was spent in the ED for 240 hours. I did more review using ATI (My first school utilized the full ATI program so I did mostly their online practice tests and finals) during this time when I wasnt 'working'.

I stuck with only using the Saunders NCLEX Review CD, the ATI series and the Kaplan review and strategies book ($25 off Amazon) After much review I was pretty consistently getting between 75-85% on my quizes and exams that I practiced.

My timeline between graduation (March 16th) and test date (April 11th) was pretty quick but I'm SO glad I did it right away and can focus on getting a job now!


I am BLESSED to not have high test anxiety which I really think aids in doing well, and reminded myself to slow down, read the question, and restate it in my mind before looking at the answer's. This alone I think gets so many people in the right direction and increases their chances for making the correct selection.

Right off the bat I got a SATA about nutrition, (DAMN) and within the first 10 questions over half were SATA.. (DAMN!) I couldn't point out one topic that stood out the most but I wouldn't be surprised if I got between 25-30 SATA questions. It was outrageous!

.. I then looked up and was on question 67...72..74... 75!!!! I Hit NEXT and BAM... screen shut off. Sweet Jesus... RELIEF!!!!!!! I smiled and KNEW I just passed my boards. No way did i get THAT many SATA questions and NOT pass at the minimum. Holy heck!

So that's my story about the best of the NCLEX-RN. (One of a few million on here I know :p )

Thanks for reading!



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Congratulations :)


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Good for you!!! Congratulations!:yes:


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Hi, first of all congratulations and thank you for sharing your story. I am really afraid of SATA questions. I am using KAPLAN QBanks and it is hard for me to get them right. Any suggestions? thank you.

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Wonderful - congratulations! Your preparation and study habits through school really helped you ace the NCLEX. Very inspiring and awesome!