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i liked to compare myself to others to see how i was doing, so thought i would post this for those that like to do the same!

i graduated at the end of may and took the test the beginning of august. in total i say i did approximately 2,000 - 2,500 questions.

i almost solely relied on kaplan. i did the entire qbank (ended up with a 56% overall), all of the question trainers (first 5 were low 50's, 6 was a 68%, and 7 was a 64%), and the sample tests. i also watched almost all of their online content videos and took notes (except for psychosocial). i took notes on each question i did. if i didn't know something i wrote it down. even if i got a question right, but guessed, i would write the explanations that kaplan provides. this ended up to be nearly 40 pages long in a tiny font, but i read over it every so often.

some days i would study 1 hour, some days 6 hours, but mostly about 2 hours as i was and am working a full time job.

i looked at the study guide floating around on allnurses (not endorsed by them) the day before the exam.

i had 82 questions. 6 sata, 4 order questions, 1 ekg, 1 picture, 3 math questions, about 5 - 10 medication questions. i walked out thinking i failed. i thought the questions were easier than kaplan, but as with kaplan, i easily narrowed down to two, but was always hesitant to picking the right one.

anywho, i passed. this site helped ease my anxiety through the days leading up to the exam. i'd be happy to answer any questions. i found this posted by someone else and think its inspiring so:

[color=#40e0d0]you're braver than you believe. stronger than you seem. and smarter than you think. [color=#40e0d0]- winnie the pooh :)

amazing, congrats!!!

we both passed! i thought i failed too leaving the room. :(

good pop up woo!

Congrats! You did it:)

Congratulations!!! :)

Congratssss :)

Congratulations! :w00t:

Thanks everyone! :)

I am really stress studying about 8 hrs a day x 5 days a week Q&A and reviewing everything I can for about one month , I don't know what else to do please any advice please !

congrats on passing! is kaplan qbank really worth it?

Just keep doing questions and reviewing! The questions on Nclex and Kaplan are very similar, the qbank is very worth it.

Congratulations!! I am taking the Nclex-Pn on Monday and I am so nervous. I have been doing ATI questions and exam cram. I hope my two weeks of studying will be enough. I cannot afford $200 to retest. It sounds as if you were well prepared.

I took my NCLEX yesterday and I am terrified. I am too scared to do the pop-up. Most of my questions were SATA (at least 20), and priority. I had 75 questions. I'm looking for some reassurance that I had tough questions - which means higher levels - which means passing??

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