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I took the nclex on July 12, 2012. The NCLEX experience I feel like was much exagerrated in my mind than it turned out to be. Ofcourse having a big day like that, I should have probably thinking up a tornado storm in my mind , but by God's grace everything went just dandy. I don't know how to explain it, but I was at peace the entire time, I wasn't shaking, no palpitations , followed the directions given and got through it. My appointment was at 10:45 but i got there around 10 and there was an open seat, so the lady told me that I could go ahead and take it. I had already reviewed the tutorial on the pearson vue website , so going through that was a breeze. Then the real test began, honestly I didn't know if I was answering my questions right. When I got to question 50, I took a min to pray and asked God to please let the computer shut off at 75? I kept going, worked up to 74 , took a min to pray again. I got to question 75, clicked next and BOOM! the screen went blank. I was sooo thrilled, but I was asking myself why? Having 75 didn't mean I passed , it could also mean I failed ...but for some reason I could not stop smiling. I tried the PVT an hour later and got the good pop up. Saturday I looked at the quick results and found out I passed!! I was ecstatic. :-)

The main reason I am writing this is for those who are taking the nclex in the future , or for those who have already tried but haven't been able to succeed.I am not a genius, or a really smart individual. I was an average nursing student and usually scored anywhere from 80 to 86 on tests. I took Kaplan for a review course end of may, and studied for about a month and a half with Kaplan and saunders up till my nclex. Kaplan really prepared me for the critical thinking aspect , the question trainers were way harder than the nclex questions. I'm not saying nclex was easy, but Kaplan really prepares you to think in the way the nclex test expects you to. I also practiced saunders along with Kaplan, but the questions were a little too easy, but still there was things I got wrong and learned so I would still recommend doing those questions. Saunders was excellent for content review, they were detailed and had almost everything I wanted to look up. Kaplan book was more condensed, and sometimes it was hard to follow, but my favorite about the Kaplan book was the way they categorized the meds. It really made it easy to study the side effects, and since they had already made their own tables I didn't have to do extra work.

Even though I had all these resources to help me pass, I know I could not have done it without the grace of God. There were a lot of people praying for me, my relatives, community members (church) , friends and even some other people I wasn't even aware of. Do not fail to rely on God for your strength. Pray consistently , ask him for guidance and wisdom and you will get through it. I know this was the only reason I was at peace during the test and the reason I passed. I was not nervous at all, and I'm usually the kind of person that gets really anxious. "seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well." If you truly follow him, and do your part of being responsible and studying really hard there is no doubt that the person will pass. Pray to god daily, and he will not forsake you. I know I couldn't have done it without him, and I pray the same faith remains for anyone else struggling to believe. Here are a few verses for anyone who needs a little encouragement....

"Do not be anxious over anything, but in everything by prayer and supplications with thanksgiving , let your requests be made known to the lord".

"I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me."

Good luck to all future nclex test takers. Have faith, you can do it too.

Thanks for the words of encouragement and congrats!!

It's been such a blessing to be a part of this nursing network for the reason of people like you!!! Thanks for standing strong in faith and sharing your testimony of God's guidance. I take my exam this coming Sunday (7/22/12). I have been so tired and ready to throw the towel in with studying. God will carry me through as He always does. If you can lift a prayer for me today and on Sunday. I pray that I get 75 questions or close to that since I get huge test anxiety. Thanks again!! God bless you

thank you so much for this! inspiring :) & congrats!

Inspirational! Thank you!

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Thank you so much! I am taking it tomorrow, and I was leary of coming on here. But I can't study much anymore or focus, and I was just hoping to find something inspirational and not discouraging.

Ilove this post...I need to get praying because I just want to be calm and not anxious. I am the same way--was always very anxious before nursing exams! And my roommate would say the exact verse to me- be anxious for nothing!

I took Kaplan and looked at Saunders a little too. Deep breath. I can do this!


Hi Ruthie, I am taking my NCLEX this Sat and I am nervous just like you are!!!! Relax girl, BREATHE, and if we made it through school, we can make it through this!! You will be in my prayers!! please stop by the thread later to let us know how you did! :)

thank you, and you are most welcome.

you are welcome! and thank you.

ruthie, you are going to do just fine. good luck!

Im 3 days away from taking my nclex-pn. Im still kicking myself in the butt for relying on Saunders. I got the Kaplan strategy review book but its small and only had about 200 questions. I was even doing the nclex-3500 for RN and nclex-3000 PN doing quite well, thought the questions were stupid and too easy. Im starting to feel defeated, Im even getting depressed because I feel like Im going to fail.

Hello Godismystrength,

Congratulations on passing the NCLEX. I was sooooo blest by your post. I must say that God was indeed your strength and He will continue to be your strength if you continue to trust HIM. All the best and God's favour as you search for employment.

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