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Hi there! Okay, so I am in nursing school applying for a nurse extern position at a hospital that my former clinical instructor worked at, and she said she would pass on my resume, cover letter and details to the HR people (since there technically isn't a nurse extern position posted and therefore nowhere to apply too, but my instructor told me that its coming and her passing my information on can only be a good thing!).

I emailed resume, details, cover letter to clinical instructor in early march.

Clinical instructor stated that she gave nursing recruiter my resume, details and cover letter that day. Said thank you to clinical instructor via email that day.

Send thank you card to clinical instructor, received by her a week later.

One week after that, clinical instructor asked me if I had heard anything from HR. I emailed back saying that I had not and asked for direct contact information to HR.

Called HR. Spoke to recruiter briefly. Recruiter gave me email address and told me that hte next step on the process was to be invited for a phone screening, which, in her words they would be doing that week or early next week. Recruiter spoke highly of my nursing instructor. Recruiter complimented me on pursuing the position in anticipation. R

Emailed recruiter that day with my resume, details and cover letter and thank you for speaking with me earlier that morning.

Waited ten days (recruiter stated they would be doing phone screenings that week or early next week, which I guesstimated to be 10 days time lol) and emailed recruiter a follow up email expressing my continued interest in the position.

Haven't heard anything yet. It's been six days since my last email. Should I call monday morning? email? leave it alone?

I want this position!!! Really badly!!!! I am qualified (I work at a different hospital as nurse's aide and have been there a little under two years. I am in nursing school, halfway through an ADN program).

Any advice would be appreciated!! Thanks!!

- Sneha

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I don't think there is anything else you can do right now. Since you haven't gotten a response to your last email, the ball is in their court now. Any more contact might be too pushy. Way to go on being proactive and taking those steps while you are still in school. Good luck!

I would wait a few more days and then email or call back. Sometimes you have to be persistant, but yet not be annoying. Good luck!


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I agree that persistence is key, but I would also keep in mind that human resources doesn't always go the speed we do. Have they even posted the position yet? If not I would wait until mid next week and then give a call to follow up again if you still haven't heard anything. Sometimes it can take a couple months to move from the point of anticipated position to actual

listing and interviews, etc. It sounds like your instructor has a good rapport with her recruiter and she recommended you so that is in your favor. Try not to get discouraged in my experience hospital HR departments move very slowly, especially if it's not something they already have an urgent need for.


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some employers are simply cowardly and rude.

they never get back to prospective employees with decisions unless they are extending an offer.

they do not respond to emails or phone calls.


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thanks everyone. I guess I'll wait another week and then call. I really hope it pans out!!

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