MRSA has died down.......why ?


Anyone notice how talk of CA-MRSA has calmed down in the news media.

Hmmm......Where has it gone ? I suspect that it has always been around and the media hype has run it's course and are through with it. What do you think?




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It is "shock" news. When they (news media) found that simply washing with soap and water and cleansing multi-use areas (locker-rooms/classrooms) on a regular basis, that dropped it. But like MRSA, it shall return w/ a vengence, in the nares of a nurse. stay tuned details at eleven.

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haha...thats for sure. The news media must have got tired of chasing Spears around without her underwear on ,or maybe Hilton wasn't attending a party. Anywho....the word is out now. Time for all the public gathering places to be more efficient with cleaning. Not to place blame, but I have seen many a gym look and smell dirty. Thats one reason why I made my own at home.


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I'm sick of the media. I even get annoyed at the music the play. They can make dancing kittens seem evil with just the choice of music they play... and people are so brainwashed by it they don't even notice small things anymore that are meant to persuade you think a certain way about a subject... news is supposed to be unbiased... but everything is so editorialized any more. One of the many reasons why I quit persuing a journalism degree.

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It hasn't died down here in Northern CA . . . . and I was at a MRSA presentation by our local health dept., on Saturday where one of the issues was dealing with media portrayals of MRSA.


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It definitely has not died down anywhere, including CA. And there are actually two different strains of it, one that you see in the hospitals and nursing homes, and the other is what you see in the schools and with the sports team members that have been affected by it. The one in the schools is actually a strain that has resurrected from sometime past.

One big issue is that parents continue to treat their kids with antibiotics when they are not needed and then when needed, they do not work. Same thing with adults as well. They sneeze or cough and call their physician for an antibiotic and this only makes things worse for them.

Attended another conference on it just last week. It is far from over. And more facilities are testing specific groups of patients and isolating them if needed.


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CA-MRSA was the lead story on the PM local news last night. A school in Sylmar has been shut down for cleaning.


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We have schools closing everyday around here over MRSA. Hasn't died down here!

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