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Moving to Henderson, NV

Hello everyone.

I'm from NJ and looking to possibly move to Henderson in the Spring. I'll have 11 years experience by the time I move, but I was just wondering if anyone knew about the salary there. We're pretty much moving b/c taxes and cost of living are ridiculous and we here henderson is a pretty nice place to live. Any suggestions on hospitals or when a good time would be best to start applying? Thank for everyone's help in advance!


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Henderson is a very nice area.

There are 4 big players when it comes to hospitals in Las Vegas:

Valley Health System - 6 hospitals

HCA- 3 hospitals

Dignity Health- 2 hospitals

University Medical Center - Level 1 trauma

Tell us what type of specialty you're in, what work environment you seek and then can formulate a better response for you.

Hey there ICUman,

Thanks for replying. Right now i work in the Cath lab. I've had experience in a stepdown units and assistant manager. I'm looking for cath lab, IR, PACU, and maybe OR.

The North Las Vegas VA would be a hard commute from Henderson, but they are almost always looking for RNs because of high turnover.

ICUman specializes in Cardiac Cath Lab.

The market for experienced nurses in the specialties you listed is hot.

I recommend Sunrise Hospital or Dignity Health. Summerlin hospital is very nice as well, although it will pay a bit less than others.

11 years of experience will be around $50/hr. Weekend differentials are $1/hr extra.

Thank you so much! My wife is an RN too and she's wondering how much do per-diems usually make with 5 years experience? and do they have baylor positions?

Also, I saw your post about PD rates on another post. Here in NJ our perdiem rates go from 45-55/hr depending on which hospital. Sometimes surgical centers pay more. They offer no benefits. The amount you work depends on what contract you choose. Some allow to work full-time hours at a per-diem rate.

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ICUman specializes in Cardiac Cath Lab.

Yes, some Las Vegas hospitals will also allow FT hours on a per diem rate of pay.

It is quite the luxury. Some will not allow it, or cancel you before you exceed 40 hours in a week. It is more likely to be obtained in the winter months when census is high and needs are greatest.

Per diem pay varies by hospital. The lowest per diem pay I've seen is $48/hr. Some pay significantly more than that rate. Do the math, and the OT rate is spectacular. Surgical centers here in LV will very likely not pay anywhere near that rate, even as a per diem employee.

I do not know what a Baylor position is?

Baylor position here is the RN works 13hr shifts only on weekends but gets paid FT hours. No sick time and can be off 8 weekend shifts a year. But i appreciate all the information. When do you suggest applying for jobs if we plan to move in the spring?

ICUman specializes in Cardiac Cath Lab.

That doesn't exist here, to my knowledge. I would apply in Jan. or Feb., and once you have a job offer, request relocation assistance.

And actually, if you are moving to Henderson, the nearby hospitals are Henderson Hospital, which is brand new, or St. Rose Siena. Those are the only hospitals in Henderson. De Lima is closing soon.

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If you want cath lab or IR stay away from Henderson hospital, you will never get full time hours, they don't have any where near enough volume to sustain full time hours.

Heythere ICUman. I recently applied and interciewed for cath lab in henderson hospital. They are offering $46/hr. Not sure what the going rate is but it seems kind of low? What do you think

baker1bv specializes in ICU.

If it’s a valley health hospital that’s probably pretty close. I would ask the recruiter how many years of experience they are crediting you for. I have learned the hard way they tend to under estimate.

Thanks baker. It did seem a little low. The HR did credit me for only partial of this year but by the time i would be starting itbwould be 11 years. Do you think working for the valley is not a good idea? What hospitals do you suggest?

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20 hours ago, Hellothere27 said:

Heythere ICUman. I recently applied and interciewed for cath lab in henderson hospital. They are offering $46/hr. Not sure what the going rate is but it seems kind of low? What do you think

VHS is the lowest paying hospital system in Las Vegas. Up to you. St. Rose will be the highest hourly. I'll look up the hourly wage in the union book when I get back in town for 11 years exp.

You could always try negotiating with the recruiter? Henderson hospital is nice. I float there sometimes.

Thanks. I appreciate all the help. I spoke with the recruiter and she said it was non-negotiable

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I work currently for vhs it isn’t bad, their benefit package isn’t amazing, but ur isn’t horrible either. HCAs pay scale is similar but their benefits are better. St rose has recently closed a lot of critical care positions so I haven’t seen a lot posted for then recently.

Hope that helps!!


Hey there!

My husband just got a job offer out in Las Vegas and we are having to move pretty suddenly to Las Vegas here and I am in search for jobs.

Just wanted to say your threads have been so helpful. Ive read some and have been able to apply to a couple jobs.

Do you have any recommendations for a nurse with 6 years of experience with the last 3 being in Medical ICU setting as well as one travel ICU float experience under my belt?

I did apply to a job at UMC and a job at St Rose Sienna campus. Ideally, I would like to work in a level 1 trauma center but I know that UMC is the only one in Nevada.

What hospitals seem to have high RN satisfaction?

What hospitals pay best?

What hospitals get the most experience as a ICU RN?

What hospitals should I avoid?

Any pros, cons, suggestions, thoughts, etc are appreciated! Thank you so much!

St Rose pays the best, followed by HCA: Sunrise, Mountain View and Southern Hills; and then UHS: Valley, Summerlin, Desert Springs, Spring Valley, Centennial Hills and Henderson. UMC is a busy, hectic public safety net hospital and employees seem to like the old-fashioned pension. The most exciting cases are likely to be seen at UMC, Sunrise and maybe Valley. St Rose probably has the best nurse:patient ratios. There is also North Vista Hospital, the VA hospital and MOFH (Air Force).

ICUman specializes in Cardiac Cath Lab.

Hi imshula. Dean gave a pretty good summary...

I would rather PM you with a more detailed response if you are open to it for the sake of anonymity.

RN Satisfaction: San Martin and Summerlin Hospitals

Most ICU experience (high acuity): UMC, Sunrise (trauma centers)

Pay : St Rose (either campus)

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