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  1. Hellothere27

    Moving to Henderson, NV

    Baylor position here is the RN works 13hr shifts only on weekends but gets paid FT hours. No sick time and can be off 8 weekend shifts a year. But i appreciate all the information. When do you suggest applying for jobs if we plan to move in the spring?
  2. Hellothere27

    Moving to Henderson, NV

    Thank you so much! My wife is an RN too and she's wondering how much do per-diems usually make with 5 years experience? and do they have baylor positions? Also, I saw your post about PD rates on another post. Here in NJ our perdiem rates go from 45-55/hr depending on which hospital. Sometimes surgical centers pay more. They offer no benefits. The amount you work depends on what contract you choose. Some allow to work full-time hours at a per-diem rate.
  3. Hellothere27

    Moving to Henderson, NV

    Hey there ICUman, Thanks for replying. Right now i work in the Cath lab. I've had experience in a stepdown units and assistant manager. I'm looking for cath lab, IR, PACU, and maybe OR.
  4. Hellothere27

    Moving to Henderson, NV

    Hello everyone. I'm from NJ and looking to possibly move to Henderson in the Spring. I'll have 11 years experience by the time I move, but I was just wondering if anyone knew about the salary there. We're pretty much moving b/c taxes and cost of living are ridiculous and we here henderson is a pretty nice place to live. Any suggestions on hospitals or when a good time would be best to start applying? Thank for everyone's help in advance! -Michael
  5. Hellothere27

    Moving to Las vegas area

    Hello there everyone, I'm recently living in nj and looking to relocate in the las vegas area. I know in some places of the country that the pay isn't as great as the northeast. How is the pay and nurse to patient ratio in the las vegas area? I have 9 yrs experience, 4 years in 2 different surgical step down units. Another 4 surgical in management and I'm currently noe in the Cath lab. Any information would be freat!thanks in advance! Michae

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