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baker1bv specializes in ICU.

My name is Brianna.

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  1. baker1bv

    Seriously considering travel

    Hi all, Travel nursing has always been on the agenda for my career, however I was planning on waiting till my kids got a little older, but now I’m seriously considering starting now. I’m currently a cath lab nurse and my hours are basically gone. I have lots of adult critical care experience so I could take an ICU position pretty easily. It’s hard to ignore some of these pay rates for crisis. It is crazy or is anyone else considering it?
  2. baker1bv

    Moving to Henderson, NV

    I work currently for vhs it isn’t bad, their benefit package isn’t amazing, but ur isn’t horrible either. HCAs pay scale is similar but their benefits are better. St rose has recently closed a lot of critical care positions so I haven’t seen a lot posted for then recently. Hope that helps!!
  3. baker1bv

    Moving to Henderson, NV

    If it’s a valley health hospital that’s probably pretty close. I would ask the recruiter how many years of experience they are crediting you for. I have learned the hard way they tend to under estimate.
  4. baker1bv

    Moving to Henderson, NV

    If you want cath lab or IR stay away from Henderson hospital, you will never get full time hours, they don't have any where near enough volume to sustain full time hours.
  5. baker1bv

    Per diem in Cali

    I would rather not have a long commute, but I don't require nice upscale accommodations, just a private bedroom. I was going to try to research which hospitals are using a lot of travelers, and going from there. If anyone has any recommendations of which hospitals they recommend, please private message me.
  6. baker1bv

    Per diem in Cali

    not going to lie, i doubt I could do more than 2 16 hour shifts in a row.
  7. baker1bv

    Per diem in Cali

    Oh yeah, I'm well aware of cancelling, I have worked Per Diem in Nevada. I think you have to find the right job where canceling isn't a big issue. One option for me was talking call for Cath Lab or radiology. Not ideal pay wise but guarantees hours.
  8. baker1bv

    Per diem in Cali

    Sent you a pm
  9. baker1bv

    Per diem in Cali

    Yeah I know it's tough, my girlfriend actually is looking in more the Napa area, she knows Icu manager there. I'm lucky I have a good job but I like adventures, so if it took me a year to make this work, that would be fine. I would also like to see what other states are like to work in because I have only worked here in Nevada.
  10. baker1bv

    Per diem in Cali

    Yeah I am, and I have a friend who is too. She already has her license.
  11. baker1bv

    Per diem in Cali

    Per Diem Nurse's Pay-Stub Goes Viral: $19K in 2 Weeks!? | Nurse.org Ridiculous right? I can totally Airbnb it in a twin bed a couple times a month, if they money is right!
  12. baker1bv

    Per diem in Cali

    Hi I'm an experienced adult critical care nurse, ranging from cath lab and IR to CVICU and MICU. Someday I would love to travel nurse but I have small children. After seeing the recent post of the $19,000 paycheck, I'm wondering what the possibilities are to get a per diem job in one of the higher paying areas of Cali. I live in NV, so airfare shouldn't be to bad. Thoughts? Anyone know of any openings? Thanks for any input Bri
  13. baker1bv

    Las Vegas Travel Nurses

    Hey I am a nurse in Las Vegas and we are currently utilizing so many travel nurses right now. I am just wondering if anyone else is headed our way soon? Nice to know someone before you get here. Also, if anyone one is looking for some place to stay I know a condo that is opening up shortly! Safe Travels
  14. baker1bv

    Another question about Amiodarone

    At every hospital I have ever worked at, pharmacy had a policy in place to draw a dig level at least weekly. No MD ordered required, since MDs can over look home meds. Ask the primary or cardiologist for a level, most doctors would rather be safe than sorry.
  15. baker1bv

    What I have learned to HATE about Nursing

    When I worked the floor, we had certain cnas, that could take a blood pressure off 220/110 and not feel the need to notify us until like 645. Most were great and knew the levels at which we needed to know right away but there was were like 2 who were just plain bad, and because they had 20ish pts to do vitals on we never knew when they were going to do them. As for doing them ourselves, haha what a joke. 7-8+ a night for each RN (med -tele) , 6-7 RNs at night, 2-3 cnas only 4 vital signs carts..... Do the math! Vent away, but my advice to you is take in what you can, figure out what makes you happy and do it. I am in ICU now and I love it.
  16. baker1bv

    Selecting a Vegas hospital

    I have never worked at St Rose, but my nurse buddies who have, canceling has not been a problem lately. Census is up even though it should be the low season in vegas, so I don't think canceling has been a big problem anywhere lately.