Moving from California to Ohio to pursue nursing, need help!


I want to move from California for a number of reasons and I want to achieve that this year. Here in California the waiting lists are way too long and the cost of nursing schools is rising everyday. Also the cost of living is really high, there are little opportunities, and i'm bored of this place. I chose the midwest because I have been there before, the cost of living is reasonable, there's alot of schools to chose from and nursing schools in Ohio tend to be cheaper. What I need to know is moving from a different state, what would you recommend? What schools are really good and if some offer night classes? Best places to live in the state? Things I should bring with me? And best places for someone in their 20's? So, anything you can tell me would be great!



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I have lived in Ohio all of my life. I do have to ask "Why in the world would you want to move from sunny CA, and move to a boring state as Ohio?" Why did you chose Ohio? I have lived in the following cities (Northern part of Ohio): Dayton and Xenia. Cincinnati is a very busy city and large. Columbus is the capital and is a nice place to live, from what I've heard. It's also a bustling city, as Cinci is. I went to Sinclair Community College. It is a two-yr school, and you get your Associates degree when your finished. Last I heard, it was only $40+ per credit. There is also Wright State University (if you want to get your BSN), and it is a 4-yr college, but I have heard negative things from nurses who have graduated from there. Their clinical experience seemed to be lacking, or wasn't sufficient. They might have changed their program though. Keep in mind that there are waiting lists here to get into nursing school, so check them out. Not sure how the list compares to CA. Are you in nursing school now? I am a new traveler and I am now currently in Texas. I am going to CA for my next travel assignment. Please PM me so that we can converse on CA and Ohio. I could use any information on CA.

Thanks. Hope this helps, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Kathy (in the panhandle - for three more weeks :yeah:)


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i want to move from california for a number of reasons and i want to achieve that this year. here in california the waiting lists are way too long and the cost of nursing schools is rising everyday. also the cost of living is really high, there are little opportunities, and i'm bored of this place. i chose the midwest because i have been there before, the cost of living is reasonable, there's alot of schools to chose from and nursing schools in ohio tend to be cheaper. what i need to know is moving from a different state, what would you recommend? what schools are really good and if some offer night classes? best places to live in the state? things i should bring with me? and best places for someone in their 20's? so, anything you can tell me would be great!

:nurse: a nice warm coat.....:) it is cold and covered in snow here. i have lived here my whole life, like the season changes. north canton...akron area are nice places to live with many hospitals in those areas. affordable and convenient to cleveland (about 45 minutes away) and columbus being 2.5 hours away. shopping is plentiful too. there are a few schools around here. aultman school of nursing, walsh univ., malone univ., kent state univ., stark state college. go for the cheapest to get your prelims done and then look while doing those. goodluck in your venture.....welcome to the area...but like i a warm coat:wink2:


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I worked as a nurse in OH for 15 years. There are many more nsg schools in OH than CA, considering the large population in CA. There are state schools with programs. There are also some small colleges and universities with programs too. Cleveland can be a good option, because there are nsg programs there as well as the surrounding 90 mile radius. There are programs in Akron and Youngstown, also. Please note that alot of these areas are economically depressed, with the exception of health care. I don't know if you are moving with a sig other who needs employment too.


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I just realized you are in your 20's. I would go to the Columbus area, since OSU is there, and there are lotsa people in your age range there.

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Welcome to Ohio, I've lived here for about 8 yrs now. Before I lived in Phila. PA. It's colder here. I'd like to try CA for a while but my family is here and I don't want to be far away from them. I'm in Toledo. We have Univ. of Toledo and Boweling Green University (I think that's the name of it) here.

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I want to move from California

FYI- The National Nurses Organizing Committee/ California Nurses Association has metropolitan committees throughout the state of Ohio. So no need to give up your nurses organization!

I would recommend Columbus or Cinic. I live in Cleveland but Columbus offers better dining/nightlife and the Ohio State University Medical Center.

There are great places in Cleveland too- The Case Western area would be a prime choice here. Case is very expensive though they offer a scholarships. Many schools here have waiting lists as well. But there are some new programs starting up.

Hi, I just wanted to let you know some things about relocating form CA to Ohio. We have been here after leaving the bay area for 13 mos. We were relocated here by my husband's job. We thought it would be so much cheaper than CA. I can tell you that everything except gas, car insurance, and mortgages are the same or more expensive. We pay more here for food, electricity, water, natural gas, clothes, property tax, getting a hair cut, preschool, income tax (Ohio is top 5 most expensive income tax state), university, and other misc. things. School in Ca is very cheap! I know there is lots of complaining about the cost but here it is more. Also healthcare is more because they do not have as many HMO options. I think that in Ca there is a false assumption about how much more expensive it is. We have learned the hard way. You get a nicer cheaper house here, but that is it. Also just as a heads up politically and socially the Cincinnati area is VERY different from Ca. Not bad. Just very conservative in this corner and also a lot of the people here have lived here for generations so their social circles are preformed. Whereas in Ca you have a huge population that has not been multi-generational residents. I hope this helps. I am not saying don't come. I am just dispelling some of the assumptions that we and our friends back home had. I wish we had known before we came because we would have planned differently.

Columbus would be a great city for a young person like yourself! I live close to Dayton, OH and you mentioned wanting perhaps a night time RN program? The only one I know of close to here (Dayton) is in Springfield, OH - Clark State Community College. They have a part-time evening RN program. I am currently on the waiting list for it. Right now their wait is about 2 years. Good luck with whatever you decide! :)


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Hi! I have lived in Ohio my whole life minus the years my husband was in the service and I went with him. We moved back to Ohio specifically for me to go to nursing school so that we would have family around us to help with our child. I know that alot of people have reccommended Columbus, but it really is not a nice place to live. I grew up in Columbus and every time we go back there I am more and more ashamed to say I am from there....yes there is lots to do at night but there is alot of drugs and violence surrounding most of it. I am sure that is true in other areas but columbus has really gone down hill. Unless you plan on living in a suburb of columbus I would not reccomend it! We live in north eastern Ohio now and the community college I am going to actually has the highest passing rate for the nclex. Its a very resonable price and it gives you the option of going on for your BSN if you choose. It has partnerships with Akron and Ashland university. I was told when I started there would be a 2 year waiting list for the nursing program but I had one semester where I wasn't taking pre req's towards my adn. And since I have decided to go towards my BSN I just took that semester to work on BSN classes. I am in my first to last semester and really have no complaints. It's certainly not an easy program but I can't imagine any nursing program being easy. If you'd like check out the schools website and then you an check out the surrounding area its we are close enough to cleveland where you have that as an option for having a good time at night, and the school itself offers flexible night options as well....good luck in your endevure...feel free to send me a message if you have any questions....



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Hi pumpkin,

So you really want to be an Ohioan?!

After reading all of the posts/opinions on where and where not to live throughout Ohio, I can honestly say that there are pros and cons to most of the major cities in Ohio (Cleve, Columbus, CInci). The great thing about Ohio is that it is sooo accessible. If you live in Columbus, Cinci and Cleveland (both in opposite directions) are just 2 hours away! I live in Dayton and Cinci is just 1 hour south.

I lived in southern Ohio (Cinci) for 4 yrs while going to Miami Univ for psychology. I absolutely love Cinci. If you're looking for nightlife for "20 somethings", I would highly suggest Cinci. Ofcourse it has areas of the city that you would want to avoid b/c of crime/drugs but every city has that. Hyde Park is a really nice area for young people but be forewarned that if you're looking to rent, it gets a little pricey. Clifton is a cool place to dine and go bar hopping. It has a nice cultural flare also. Mt. Adams is BEAUTIFUL! It's also a nice place to hang out, dine, picnic, bar hop (housing is a bit expensive, though). The good thing about Cinci is that it has a look that is completely different from any other city in Ohio and has some nice suburbs to choose from that makes life more affordable. Suburbs to look into: Fairfield, Blue Ash, Loveland.

I only lived in Columbus for a few years but I love it there, also. The area around the Short North District has lots to do for young people and it's very cute (nice restaurants, art galleries, jazz clubs, bars). The great thing about Columbus is that if you don't want to live in the city (affordable housing is very limited), then there are lots of nice suburbs like Worthington (where I lived and it's very nice), Westerville, Hilliard, Dublin, and more.

I currently live in Dayton and attend Wright State's BSN program. 4 more quarters to go!!! There is no waiting list. Admission is strictly based on GPA. It's a great BSN program but is difficult (especially if you have to work full-time like me). Sinclair Comm College has a long waiting list but is a good school if you're looking for a very affordable Associate degree program. However, I am NOT a fan of Dayton. The city definitely needs to be revitalized and I've lived in a few of the suburbs (Kettering, Oakwood, Springboro) and while they are nice, this is more of a place for people who are raising children and have an established network of friends nearby--not really for young people or young people new to the area and looking for some fun. Just my two cents.

I've gone on and on if you want more info on anything else, just ask.

Good luck:)

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Hey Tisha...not trying to be mean but name for me a large metropolitan area that does not have a crime and drug problem? I'm sorry that your hometown has changed but I think you're painting the whole of Columbus with a very broad brush. There are certainly areas of town that I wouldn't step foot into and to be completely honest I do live in one of the 'burbs but really it isn't all that bad. Someone mentioned the Short North area but there is also the Arena district, German Village, Victorian Village and many other urban neighborhoods that have a lot going for them. Downtown is being revitalized... slowly, yes but at least it isn't in decline. New housing and entertainment venues are in the works including a streetcar line (which personally I think is stupid but least they're trying). The many and varying suburbs are great places to live with good schools (for kids and grownups) and nice neighborhoods and close to entertainment opportunities. How can you say it's not a nice place to live when you don't even live here anymore? I grew up in northeastern Ohio (Akron to be exact) and it has changed immensely. The neighborhood I grew up in is not the same at all and has declined in reputation. In fact a lot of the areas that were thought of as "good" in the 1960-1990 time period now are crime infested but that doesn't make the whole of Akron a bad place to live. Does it disappoint me to see it? Of course it does but it's all part of the ebb and flow. For example the Olde Towne East neighborhood of Columbus started as a very wealthy area with elaborate 3 and 4 story mansions. When it was no longer popular to live in town and people began migrating to the suburbs the area declined significantly. The beautiful mansions were divided into crummy apartments and fell into disrepair. The neighborhood continued to decline and crime grew. Now these old houses are being bought (for a song) and returned to their former glory. Crime has decreased and it is becoming a popular diverse neighborhood ( except to the poor who still live there and are now seeing their taxes go up but that's a different story). Columbus has been my home for the last 18 years and there is a whole lot more good about it than bad. In fact I like it so much that I live here despite the fact that my job is in your neck of the woods. BTW the pay for nurses is much better in Columbus...I took a $600/mo pay cut to work "up North" even though my job carries significantly more personal responsibility as well as risk. I'm not trying to flame you and you are certainly welcome to your opinion I just think it was a little harsh and a tad bit offensive to those of us who make Columbus our home.

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