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I'm planning to relocate to Apache Junction, AZ in the spring.

Does anyone have hospitals or clinics they can recommend. I don't want to commute to Phoenix, so I'm looking for something closer-like in Mesa or Chandler, etc. I'm a med-surg nurse with experience in care of diabetics. I'm looking for a nurse-friendly place with a good sign-on bonus. Looking for a hospital with a good reputation. Soooooo, if anyone is in AZ who can help me..even if it's to warn me away from somewhere--I thank you in advance.:kiss


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No, but I'm jealous........... !


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Ditto. My nephew lives in Glendale...wish I were there. Plus, it's below zero here today with nasty wind...REALLY wish I were there.



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I'm definitely envious. I want to live in the land of sun! Keep us posted on how wonderful it is there. :rolleyes:


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Hi, I live in Chandler and am going to school in Mesa. I am in my second semester of a 4 semester RN program. I have heard that Desert Samaritan Hospital is an excellent place to work. I will be doing a 2 week OB rotation there this semester. That is the hospital that I plan on working at when I graduate. Also, Mesa Lutheran in Mesa, I have heard good things about that hospital as well. Quite a few of my classmates work there, and they absolutely love it. I hope you find something you will enjoy, and welcome in advance to AZ!:)

Greetings from AZ!!

Desert Samaritan is a good place to work, so I've heard. I work for Good Samritan in Phx. There is also Mesa Luthren that is closer to your area in AJ. When I moved home less than a year ago Banner (the company that owns the above hospitals) the relocation bonus was $4,000. Check out their website, you can check out job openings and apply online. Good Luck, Have fun, and enjoy the weather!



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I am also thinking of working in the Phoenix metro area. I am wondering whether Banner or any other hospital system accept new graduates in critical care units--adult, PICU, or NICU. Also, I am curious as to what the average starting pay is for a new graduate there. Thanks.

I'm not sure what the pay for new grads is now or whether they hire new grads in critical care. I know most places you can transfer to the ICU after 6 months to a years worth of experience. My suggestion would be to call Human resources at the hospital you want to work at and talk to them. They should be able to give you all the specs! Good luck!



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Chicory - you will be just down the road from me... i have lived in Mesa since 1988. Check Banner health Systems which owns a bunch of hospitals in the valley including Valley Lutheran and Mesa Lutheran which would be closest hospitals to you. Also Scottsdale Healthcare has few hospitals and drive would not be too bad wth freeways here. Also there is the Mayo Clinic. Good luck and welcome to AZ. Need to move soon as the 100 degree weather is not too far away. Today it is about 75 degrees. It is the best place int he world during Oct-Apr but the worst from May-September..


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Hi chicory, Sorry I can't tell you about the hospitals close to AJ, but Scottdale Healthcare is a good hospital to work at. But not the one near Old Scottsdale, but the one in N. Scottsdale. I forget the name of the campus there. There is also a AL facility, that has been described to me as great place, lvery ow pt. staff ratio, and very nurse friendly. I'm LPN and got an offer from my resume online. They didn't even flinch at the money I requested!

Sorry that's about all I can tell you about that area.


Banner does take new grads in their ICUs, BUT..a friend I met, who worked there, was NOT happy with their residency program! She got the sign on, and relocation money, but found their orientation to be poorly coordinated. She had no less than FIVE preceptors. They did send her to a Critical Care Course, but she wasn't too happy with them. I hope you fair better..:cool:


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Thanks for the information. I will definitely give Banner a call. I am just curious, considering that Banner has, I believe, 6 different hospitals, which one would you recommend. I know that Desert Sam and Good Sam are supposed to be good places to work but what about Thunderbird or Lutheran?


I think you were referring to Scottsdale on Shea, not Osborne. By the way, do you know anything about Mayo Clinic or Mayo Hospital. It seems that they have top of the line equipment but do they treat allied health people with respect. Also, sorry for my ignorance, but what do you mean by AL facility. What kind of money were you offered, if you don't mind me asking?


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Thanks to all that have replied to my original post! I have had a telephone interview for Valley Lutheran, and I'm very pleased with what they have to offer. We will be leaving this weekend, and will arrive in Apache Junction soon! And hopefully before that heat sets in. Looking forward to it!!!

Last night was my last night at my old hospital, and it was a doozy...Charge with 8 patients and an overwhelmed float nurse on the other end of the hall that I could not even really help much. We joked about it together though because it was a bonus night for her,and my last of course we were in for it!


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