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Hello everyone! I would like to seek some advice. I am currently a Mother-Baby nurse. This is however my very first job as I've only been an RN for a year (graduated and got licensed last year). M/B unit is a wonderful place but I feel that I am not learning anything in terms of skills. Most of my coworkers have 5-10yrs of other nursing experience (ICU, Med-Surg, ER, etc..) under their belts and often kid how "this is the unit to go to when you want to retire." I love my job but I also feel that I am cheating myself out of experience. What's worst is that I am starting to feel comfortable - relatively easy patients and the only thing I have to deal with is the high turn-over rates (employed at a large hospital). Also, the more I think about transferring out tthe more I doubt myself (since now I am starting to get used to "easy" patients). Now the question is where do I go from here? When I was doing clinicals back in nursing school, I remember thoroughly loving my oncology rotation. But am I being delusional to think I can go from M/B to Oncology? Or should I just stay where I am?


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Can you transition to Gyn oncology? You would still be working with a population you're familiar with in a reproductive context, but it would incorporate your interest in oncology. From there, you might be able to transition to more general oncology after you familiarize yourself with cancer treatments/drugs. :nurse:

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I believe you can go anywhere you like. One year into your career does not mean you have forgotten everything about non-M/B. Go where your heart tells you and your brain will learn the rest :)

Best of luck!

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It does not hurt to atleast try. I also want to be an OB nurse right from nursing school, maybe I should reconsider as you have shed some light.

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One of the most awesome things about being a nurse is that we are not limited. :yeah:

Nursing is one of the very few occupations that has such a vast array of work options.


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rnmeg - hrmm i haven't thought of that. my hospital had a women's sx floor but they closed that down. we have an onc floor, onc peds and cancer center. there is antepartum and nicu (who aren't hiring at the moment) and l&d (though not my personal option) if i choose to stick with obstetrics. thank you for your time!

tait - you're right. thank you. i need to take a leap of faith.

nurselovejoy88 - thank you and please do not let me discourage you. i believe in doing what you are passionate about (yes a bit hypocritical of me...hence my dilemma). i liked m/b...but i was never in love with it. i just happened to be extremely extremely fortunate to be a new grad hired. ob is quite interesting and in m/b you get to take care of mom, baby--and the rest of the family (depending on what shift you work lol). there is a lot of teaching. and if you so choose you can continue on as a lactation consultant. on occasion, you might get a pt who is hemorrhaging on admission, on isolation, htn, etc...sometimes you have to send babies to's not entirely "lacking."

skillwise - know how to insert and d/c foley cathether. iv's get pulled out once the pt voided (c/s 1) or pitocin is finished, and are voiding (vag 0) --- all depending on your hospital policy. i have never until now inserted an iv which i kind of resent, but that's just me. watch out for homan's sign. anyhow, good luck and all the best to you!

nurse netty - thank you and yes, that is true

lpnva2ny - thank you. i have to trust my heart and not be insecure. afterall, ive done the schooling. i've earned my license. i can learn.


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I would have to agree with the above what your heart tells you, there is nothing like feeling happy and fulfilled at the end of a long days don't want to look back and regret that you didn't go for it. One thing I love about nursing is that there is a wide range of specialities nurses can choose from..."As long as your heart is into it will succeed!"


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Thats the good thing about nursing. You can always go back to mother baby if oncology is not what you expect.


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You're not delusional at all, and please don't sell yourself short! I worked a couple years of cardiac/tele and am now in the ER, which I love...but there is no way I could handle mother-baby. It would scare the living daylights out of me. I'm afraid I might break the babies, lol. Kidding. While it might be "easy" in some ways, if something should go wrong you need to know your stuff and be able to act just as much as I would in the ER with a really "sick puppy." Feel free to branch out into other areas of nursing, but don't feel like you're not doing a great job as a nurse just because you're finding the job "easy"--did you ever think, you just might be really good at it and a quick learner? :nurse: