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Does anyone subscribe? What titles are out there? I'm interested...


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try or just google nurse magazines also try


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Read them in your school library.

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I don't subscribe to anything like AJN, though I did once subscribe to Nursing 2009 (though back then it was Nursing 2003 ;)). I'm a member of AWHONN, and with that membership comes a subscription to JOGNN as well as Nursing for Women's Health.

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I get several...

I like Nursing 2009, American Journal of Nursing (AJN) and Nursing Made Incredibly Easy. I also get RN, but I'm not crazy about it and I probably won't renew.

It seems also that every nursing specialty has a peer-reviewed monthly or quarterly publication. The poster who suggested a search on has a good idea... you'll find many!

Good luck.

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I found a couple of FREE ones online, but I cant remember what websites. I love searching online for free stuff. lol. But I absolultey LOVE the Nursing 2009 and AJN. Both are awesome magazines.

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I take Nursing 2009 and Journal of Emergency Nursing.

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My favorite one is Nursing Made Incredibly Easy. :yeah:

I also receive Nursing 2009 and AJN. They are both great as well.

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