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Monday February 21, 2022


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Good morning!

Joe, I can understand not wanting to be on that committee.

J22, I can't tell you how many times I've been to the grocery store without my wallet, sometimes making it all way to the point of them checking me out.  Technology being what it is they can save the receipt and bring it up for me to pay when I go home and get my wallet and come back (leaving the cart there of course).  

Ado, that travel job does sound tempting, especially with it being so close and you being familiar with the place.  That's cool about the new hospital.   I forget, what kind of unit do you work on?

Stars, having elder dogs can be tough.   A friend of mind is dealing with an older sick cat and might have to end it today.  They are our family.  SlowBro decides he can't get back in bed in the dark so if he gets up to pee he whines until I turn the light on or pick him up.  I hope he knows when he can't do it at all and just stays off the bed.

I had a decent weekend at work for a change.  I had a couple of fun patients with a good sense of humor and they all were nice.  I don't complain about 6:1 ratios anymore because it's our new normal until we get more staff.  It doesn't do any good and being so negative is bad for my soul.  I either deal or quit, my choice.   Problem is we have two staff on orientation and 3 quitting and it's not getting any better soon.

I'm off for three days. I have my physical today.  He doesn't do labs ahead of time so there won't be anything to discuss as I have no issues.  Scheduled a haircut today as well.  Bowling later.  

Hope everyone has a good day.

Joe NightingMale, MSN, RN

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Tweety glad you had some decent shifts this weekend

Stars I've found once you own pets long enough you get a good sense  of when that "time" comes

NJ22 glad you found the wallet, hope you find the glove

Ado it could be both good and stressful, getting a new facility

Yesterday was fairly quiet.  Started the crock pot recipe and did the laundry before church, got to church  early to practice with the choir.  After church J was feeling pretty good so we went to brunch.  Rest of the day was fairly quiet, worked on my grocery list and exercised and relaxed.

Thinking about my trip to Madison this year, will probably go at the end  of April, should be warm enough by then

Had weird dreams last night, felt kinda tired this morning.  Had some  stomach issues before bed, maybe that contributed.

Will be unusually warm,  in the upper 40s the next two days, though will likely have rain



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Weirdest dream this morning. Dreamt I was starting as a new floor staff nurse in LTC again. It was Day 2 and I had to do the med pass. Nice staff from Day 1 were just mean & uncaring. I was dreaming I was going to walk out - pffft med pass!   

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Tweety, Ozzie has had to have a nightlight all his life. When we first got him and Pippy, we kept them blocked in the kitchen, which had a nightlight so if they missed the pee-pad, we wouldn't step in anything. When they were finally allowed to come in and sleep with me, that's when I found out Ozzie's afraid of the dark; all his young life he was in a lighted area. So, I put a 7 watt bulb in a small lamp, and it works just fine for him. (It doesn't keep me awake, because if I'm sleepy I can fall asleep with full sunshine in my face.) 

Medisets-medisets: Ppplllrrrbbbb!! Every time I blink it is time to refill them. It's a full week of pills, 4x per day. And with hubby's big fingers he has a hard time pulling the pills out, so he tips the mediset over to dump them out. Invariably he will drop one or two and we have to search the rug with flashlights. (He doesn't have good lighting in his room.) or, even more exciting, there's one of the little lids that's not closed completely and more than a few pills come out! And don't I hate it when he tells me a pill is missing; I don't know why there would be something missing, as I count each pill carefully and visually recheck before I snap the lids shut. Anyway...I dunno.

Joe, I don't blame you a bit for wanting OFF of that Financial Committee. Talking about money needs for two plus hours....fuhgeddahboudit! I'd have a bad headache if I had to do that kind of dickering; I mean ... what needs doing and what can wait, and is there enough $$$ to do any of it? The End! (Many long meetings would make Stars a fussy, burnt-out congregant.)

 Went to a different pharmacy to pick up one 're-authorized' prescription (the PA called my refill in to the 2nd pharmacy on my list) and when the clerk said, "That'll be $2.48." I just had to ask her if I could 'finance' the payment. Would be nice if ALL meds were only $2.48/month! // OH! I can get my third J&J vaccine any Monday in April. No appt needed.

 No more Olympics to watch. Kinda glad the drama of it is over. // And I bet the local news-readers (talking heads?) on TV are sick and tired of the changes that happen or un-happen daily with regards to the who-what-when-where of MASKS! Seems like NOBODY agrees with ANYBODY about any of it!

Hubby's back with supper (salmon patties) so I gotta go----




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stars - time to refill my mediset also. Hate it.  ////  I was amazon-ing doggie steps for Ozzie. I don't think it'd work for him.  /// Afraid it's just time. I don't think MIL will remember after a while.

Am sooooo curling out! Glad the Olympics are over.

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Whatever happened to Thinsulate? I had a thinsulate vest which I LOVED and it was so comfortable; not at all thick, which was nice. Used it all the time and I wore it out, finally. So when I went to find another, all I could find was FLEECE. Fleece isn't especially warm, IMHO, because a breeze can go right through it. Also, I have had to take a sweater-shaver and de-pill any fleece clothing I have. I demand a return to thinsulate! In fact, I'm going to go hunt me some thinsulate vests here on line, right this very minute! Wish me luck!

No Stars In My Eyes

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Ozzie has several foot-stools of varying heights, to help him climb up on the bed and the sofa. Doggie steps wouldn't work because he has a long-ish body and would have to climb them sideways. I tried using a step-thingy for dogs once and he ignored it.

nursej22, MSN, RN

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Hi. It's clear and cold and breezy here, and predicted to get even colder!  Youngest ds was going to Seattle with his friends to the zoo. He called me shortly after he left to report he got rear-ended. He sounded shaky, but thought he was okay. Said the other guy's car looked pretty bad.The car is 20 years old, so I don't know if we'll fix it or not. He said its drivable. 

I got a pedicure this morning, so I won't be so embarrassed for the acupunturist to see my gnarly nails. He said it doesn't bother him, but I don't like feet on a good day, and I'm self-conscious about mine. I got a nice bright pink polish. Then I made a quick trip to Costco for vitamins and was looking for some Bellevita (sp?) breakfast cookies for dh, but no luck. I did pick up some "joggers" for me, which look like good ol' fashioned sweat pants. 

I got a wild hair, and have some braised beef stew in the oven, and mixed up some yeast rolls. I'm out of practice, so the kitchen is a mess, but I'll deal with that later. Now, I'm going to snuggle with the doggo. I got the taxes finished. We have to pay a little, because we withdrew money from retirement to buy the pickup last fall. 

The patient I was hoping to see last Friday texted this morning to say I could come by. Um, its a holiday and no way would my manager approve overtime. So it can wait until tomorrow. 

We got steps for our old Millie, but she didn't like them. Angus still has enough Spring to get on the bed, but mostly he likes his bed on the floor. And he really likes his bed in front of the fire place. 

See you'ns later. 

Ado Annie, ASN, RN

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Hey all! It was a beautiful morning when I got off work and still 68 degrees. But Winter is coming back Wednesday. Thankfully, this is a short work week and I'll be off after Wednesday morning. Tweety, I work a med/surg unit. The only "floor" of the little hospital. We've had to push beyond our comfort zones with some of the crashing covid patients because there is nowhere to send them. The new building will have either 8 or 10 patient rooms, I forget which. Not sure how we will isolate covid patients. Nor if there is a negative pressure room (we have one now). Tonight we started with 5 and admitted a 6th. All but one are new which means day shift discharged 4 and admitted 4. Besides level IV ER and the med/surg unit there is a surgeon who does eye surgery a couple days a week, a GI doc that does scopes a couple days a week, and a specialty clinic with a cardiologist and urologist and maybe another doc or two who come a day or two a week. I had cataract surgery here in April.

J22 your stew and yeast rolls sound delicious. Glad your son's OK.