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Monday August 19th 2022


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Tweety that does seem unfair, if they could have just been discharged from the ER

Hi Stars

Ado hope you feel better

NJ22 have not hear of Asian pears before

Dianah  I think I'm making something with eggplant next week

Yesterday was quieter.  Did laundry and went to church, was the assisting minister this  Sunday

Did not go to lunch with J, he wasn't feeling well.  He's  making some more adjustments to his allergy meds, and also trying different things to make sure he doesn't forget any morning meds.  Hopefully this will work.  Allergies seem really  bad  this year

So I did the cooking then instead, then went to church to join the knitting group for an hour.  Came home and exercised

Should be a fairly normal  week,  nothing unusual going  on

Will be in the 70s today, then the  80s the next 2 days,  then  temps  should  finally cool off

Tweety, BSN, RN

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Good morning!

Joe, hope you have a good day and that J is feeling better.  

I do not go to high school reunions.  Had to leave those painful memories in the past.

I like Asian pears.  They are rare around here and expensive when I do find them so don't eat them often.  

Went to a boring 2 hour charge nurse meeting.  Learned really nothing.  We combined with another unit and mainly it was "we are now one unit" with one and not two charge nurses..blah blah.  

Going to take a nap, just because.  I did go to bed early because of this meeting but want to be rested for bowling tonight.


dianah, ASN

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Combining two units but still only one charge nurse??  Zipping my mouth.  Enjoy bowling!!

I guess I am still tweaking my pie recipe.  Yesterday's two turned out runny, and the crusts were very crumbly and hard to work with.  Will have to look at what I do, and adjust.

I slept well, yay!  Planning on visiting a friend today, for a natter.

Have a good day!

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F1441D25-24A1-4815-BF33-E30CC852B69E.thumb.jpeg.6bf7802b2b32ef41ae6f071c0d958404.jpegI slept well, and had the weirdest dream. I was at a rather posh hotel and had to do a lot of walking . And for some reason, had to keep catching a train. Checked out of the hotel and some one gave me a pigeon to care for, and it just clung to me and cuddled under my chin. Then I was on a road trip with a woman who was a crazy driver and we were on a windy mountain road. 
dh got home at 145 am and then off to work at 7 am. I’m at work, trying to support coworker as she prepares for her talk at noon. Scheduled at COVID test for 10/3, yuck. The lab I have to use is brutal with their swab. 
westher is cool and clear, around 60. The picture is the dahlias I brought from home.

Tweety, BSN, RN

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1 hour ago, dianah said:

Combining two units but still only one charge nurse?? 

We will try to have an experienced person on the side without a charge nurse and a charge without patients to go back and forth.   Actually there was a time when we were one unit but on both wings there was only one charge nurse so it works.  

However, for a long time (due to some remodeling a few years ago) there have been two different units, with two different staffs, two managers, and two different patient populations and trying to turn us into one staff again is a big change for people.  I personally don't like it.  But change happens.  There was a time I worked just the joint replacement floor, then they moved us to a bigger floor and we become "ortho/spine/gyn".   Now were all surgical patients.  The other floor is a mish mash of medical patients, people with covid, on isolation for various things and a tough floor with 6:1 ratio.  It's a bitter change to have to swallow.  
But change happens.  All.  The.  Time.

I also think that my days of doing charge won't be all that many.  Apparently they are going to rotate us in the mix six weeks at a time as our schedule is six weeks.

I had a nice nap.

Enjoy your day Dianah.  Natter is such a fun word.

Nice pic J22.  Poor husband having to work after coming in late like that.  But it's his last trip so that should feel good.  


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dianah, ASN

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I'm home now!  We had a nice chat, and juiced/zested all the key limes she bought, then divvied that up and assigned us each a Key Lime Cake recipe to test.  Tomorrow is baking day, and we will meet on Wednesday to exchange our results and do taste-testing! 

I did bring her some Fruit of the Forest pie, which she loved!  She may do the recipe as a cobbler rather than a pie (she doesn't like doing crusts).  Then, as I'm leaving through the garage, she asks if I know anyone who needs a bike??  It's a road bike, a sleek lightweight jobber, that her BIL gave her for her son, and that is too small for her 6' 1" son.  I know nothing about bicycles, so I phone oldest ds and ask if he wants a bike (he is probably 5' 9" so it should be an OK size).  Sure, he says!  So my friend is thrilled to have it out of her garage, and we load it into my car and I drop it and the rest of the pie off at oldest ds's place!  Nice to see him and chat a little.  His roommate has "just gotten into bikes," so he will be able to help with checking this one over.  It needs a little bit of work, but ds is game to take it on, get it fixed up, and then use it!  (this mama just hopes he will be safe!)

Not much else planned for the day, except the online jam. 

Have a good afternoon/evening!


No Stars In My Eyes

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Briefly--Neighbor came pounding on my door at 1 PM, said he couldn't get my hubby up off the ground, so I ran out and we got him up. He told me he didn't think it was the alcohol that made him fall, as I suggested; he said he thinks it is the XANAX. I said "Are you taking the xanax at the same time you are drinking? That's dangerous, bad for your liver! You aren't supposed to combine xanax and alcohol!" // He wouldn't call the doc, didn't want to go to the ER, or to have an xray ... he hit on his right ribs again. Later he asked me to put a heat patch on the rib area, which I did, but then he wanted me to wrap ace-wraps around him, so I did,

I am disgusted. I'd like to be able to cry, to relieve some tension, but instead I feel like puking. So far all I've done is cough and gag.

I will be going to the doc's appt w/ him on Friday.

"They don't pay me well enough to have two patients."

BLAH! And fill in the blank with a bunch of bad words________________________________!

Ado Annie, ASN, RN

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Oh Stars I hope things get better.

dianah that sounds like a good day all around. 

Did a virtual session with my therapist this morning. He says that *some* people, when they're sick, try to rest and get better. Ha! But I did take the day off work except for attending the Med Staff meeting. With a mask. Sitting in the corner. Saw the PA about my sore foot and swollen feet. She made me feel much better about it all and we'll try a podiatrist for some orthotics. She also swabbed for Covid and flu. All negative. 

Niece found some medication bottles at stepson's house so now we have the name of a psychiatrist he saw as recently as May. He put her on his visitation list and she has a number so she can communicate with him. I doubt any of the rest of us made the cut but stepdaughter is going to try tomorrow. 

Hubs and I took a sunset drive in the convertible. Nice but I still feel pretty bad, especially with this constant tickle in my throat. 

Hope You All have a good night. 🌙

dianah, ASN

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No Stars, I hope tomorrow is better.  Did you find an Al-Anon chapter nearby?

Ado, hope you are soon feeling better.  Good you tested negative for Covid.