Nursing School Uniforms

  1. I was just reading a thread about NS uniforms on another forum. What do the schools around St. Louis have you wear? And when are you required to wear them?

    ps: I don't look good in white!
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  3. by   rkrs6673
    OK well St. Louis Community College At Florissant Valley -- we wear all white uniforms --- I believe at Forest Park they wear white pants and a burgundy top.
  4. by   fabdana
    Quote from rkrs6673
    OK well St. Louis Community College At Florissant Valley -- we wear all white uniforms --- I believe at Forest Park they wear white pants and a burgundy top.
    I better lose some weight! Are they scrubs? I wonder what Meramec wears. Thanks for the answer!
  5. by   BeccaznRN
    My school did a pretty decent looking uniform - red scrub pants, white scrub top with red and yellow stripes on the sleeves with a school patch. I know Maryville does a full burgundy/wine uniform. Not sure about other schools.

    When we were going to the hospital to pick up clinical assignments, we wore our lab coats over business casual wear. Also wore that for psych clinicals. But we did get to wear whatever type of scrubs we wanted for peds, which was nice. Saw lots of SpongeBob scrub tops!
  6. by   WDWpixieRN
    Meramec's uniform (as of the Fall '06) is hunter green scrub pant with a white top that's either a polo or scrub with the school's logo embroidered on's not unattractive at all....before that, they were all white -- oh, yuck...the top's still a bit on the thin side fabric-wise, so you have to use a little care with the undergarments...white leather shoes (tennies are fine).

    We wear them each and every day we're in addition, the day before clinicals we go to the hospital to pick up our pt info, and we are required to wear either business-casual type clothing (no jeans/sandals) w/a white lab coat or our clinical uniform with our ID badge clearly displayed.

    While it's not as cute as some of the scrubs you see, it could definitely be worse!!
  7. by   luvs2readlotsRN
    STLCC Forest Park's uniform:burgandy scrub pants with either a white polo top or white scrub top.(embroidered with the schools logo). They sell the tops in the bookstore....the pants you can get anywhere as long as they are burgandy. Oh...and a white lab coat to wear over "professional dress" when you go to the hospital for clinical prep from second semester on.
    If you have any other questions post away or feel free to pm me!
  8. by   rkrs6673
    That is so funny.. I knew Forest park had burgandy and white just wasn't sure if it was the pants or top that was burgandy. I think it is a great uniform and the students always look great in it

    Anyway at Florissant Valley it is all white scurbs and a white lab coat that you can buy anywhere as long as they are all white and white shoes. Athletic all white shoes are fine.
  9. by   mrsbigwood1
    SLU just switched over to navy blue scrub tops and bottoms with the school crest on the top. Last semester we had nave blue bottoms and white polo with SLU crest on top. To pick up clinical assignments at the sites you can wear either uniform or business casual with lab coat or uniform.

  10. by   KckStrt
    I will graduate from St. Louis Community College at Forest Park... And yes, the Burgandy and White looks pretty ok together. I am "grandfathered" in so to speak so I still wear the traditional whites.... I like it that way and don't care what I look like anymore... lol...
    Soon, I can wear anything I want...
    I hope,