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  1. hi,

    is anyone familiar with companies who are in need of RNs to do mobile insurance exams...i've seen a couple advertisments in the past, but did not have an interest at the time...any info appreciated...patty
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  3. by   WDWpixieRN
    Sorry....I know my husband was contacted by a RN a year or so ago who was trying to make arrangements for an exam for a life insurance company, but I'll be darned if I know who it was....have you looked around on Monster or called local insurance companies to see how you might look in to this further? Most of the major players have decent websites that might help you find some "Contact Us" or "Jobs" info!

    Good luck!!
  4. by   James Huffman
    I've recently begun a blog for insurance examiners ... the web address is given in my profile.

    Jim Huffman, RN
  5. by   dorieabsLPN
    I am an LPN and I do long term care insurance assessments for lifeplans
    they are based out of mass but do exams accross the country. Welcome to LifePlans. It's not about risk ... it's about relationships.
  6. by   yellowtulip2004
    I contract with a company CHCS out of Florida and do in-home assessments for clients who are applying for insurance or who are being assessed for benefit determination.

    Today, I received the contract information for LifePlans and hope to work with them in the coming weeks.

    If anyone knows of any other third party administrators, please advise. Thank you.
  7. by   pattycake
    thanks for the info...Jim...i went to your profile, but couldn't find the name of the company...also went to LifePlans and couldn't find a link to jobs for insurance examiners, only insurance agents!

    is there a contact person i can email at LifePlans??

    thanks again
  8. by   yellowtulip2004
    The contact person at LifePlans is Sean Costello and his e-mail address is and his phone number is 800-525-7279 ext 255.

    Let me know if you hear of any other companies that's hiring.
  9. by   pattycake
    hi yellowtulip,

    thanks so much...i will let you know if i hear of any others

  10. by   kgmiller1
    Has anyone worked for LifePlans recently? Did you like working for this company? Any information would be helpful. I am considering working for them.