HCA Midwest Loan Forgiveness Question(s) Please!

  1. Hello all -

    I am a TO graduate from Research College of Nursing and I am a part of the HCA loan program and I have a few questions for anyone who could help.

    As of now, I have no placement as a new graduate with HCA. Due to the combination of fellow student/graduate reports and researching via here, this has happened before. I have been offered a nursing position with another hospital not in the HCA network in Kansas City that I was a tech at during nursing school, and feel stuck in the middle via accepting a viable job offer now or waiting until HCA has something at some point to satisfy their requirements. I don't want to pass up this opportunity only to not get a job with HCA until goodness knows when.

    The loan states it will be forgiven if no placement is available, but the contract does not specifically state what the contingencies are on this statement. For example, how long must an applicant wait, how many job applications must one send in, etc. I have both spoken on the phone and emailed the headquarters in TN, only to be told that the loan program was eliminated/severely revamped since I acquired it and no real answers were given to me. I was told I'd have someone call me in regards, with no call being followed up on via their behalf.

    If anyone could give me some direction, it would be greatly appreciated, especially from any students who have shared this frustration and have gotten their loan forgiven due to no placement being available to them. What was the process to have the loan forgiven? Am I contacting the wrong area by trying to go through headquarters? etc.

    If you have any insight, please post or feel free to email me in private. Thank you!
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  3. by   blessedw2&ahubby
    I have read other nurses in this same boat...I would take the job offer that you have and if you get a HCA job then deal with that problem later. I am certain that I read a post from someone in this exact same position and their loan was forgiven and they had to start looking for a job. Who knows...that is what I would do in your shoes. best of luck
  4. by   gigglymo
    I just PM'd you. I'm in a very similar situation. If you're still active on this site, I would love to hear from you.
  5. by   gigglymo
    I really just can't get over this. I just read this post to my husband and he thought I wrote it.
  6. by   wanttohelp
    Hi, tostu, gigglymo and blessedw2&ahubby!
    Did you all ever get the answers you need? I am scheduled to start the Research/Rockhurst AO program in Aug. 2012 and am worried about being in the same situation.
    Let me know how it worked out for you!
  7. by   xhp4y8
    Is this loan forgiveness program still available? Where can I go to learn more about it? Thanks
  8. by   GonnaBSN
    financial aid office
    stacie withers, director
    [color=#333333]2525 e. meyer blvd.
    [color=#333333]kansas city, mo. 64132
    [color=#333333](816) 995-2832
    home - research college of nursing

    good luck!