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  1. Although I've been accepted into a local ADN program, their administration is atrocious and I'm honestly considering biting the bullet and going for my BSN at Graceland University. Any KC area folks that have gone through their BSN-RN program care to share thoughts, feelings, warnings, praises?

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  3. by   Lilacs For Mom
    I haven't heard anything about Graceland. I had seriously considered UMKC for the same reasons.

    I chose to stick with the ADN program and am hoping in the end I don't regret it. On a good note I did get registered for classes today-that is an improvement compared to past classes.

    Best wishes in figuring things out.
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  4. by   hooliebug
    Hey Lilacs, glad to hear you got registered for classes and such. How did all of that go? Did you go to the meeting today?
  5. by   Lilacs For Mom
    Yep, I was there. How about you? Did you decide to stick with the ADN program?

    Looks like we lost our DON and now have an interim. Maybe that will be good for the program???
  6. by   hooliebug
    I declined my spot; all of my eggs are in the Graceland basket now. I just found out tonight that I have an interview with staff members on Tuesday, yay!

    [RANT] I was initially told by MCC that I got into the ADN program but not under the option I applied to, which isn't supposed to happen according to the information on their website. I tried calling, emailing, and showing up to their office to get more information but got nothing. NO ONE responded to me for over three and a half weeks, then I got a random phone call from 'Evelyn' who informed me that I did get into the program under the option I originally chose, and then proceeded to tell me about the mandatory orientation four days before I was supposed to be there.

    SO! No, thank you. I'm not dealing with that nonsense for the next two years. After nutrition and statistics this spring, I'll sing and dance and cartwheel off of that horrible campus and never look back. Good luck with whoever's running the program now, I hope you have an easier time of things than I did.
  7. by   rockchalkroyals
    Hi! I'm a bit late responding to this, but I'm applying to Graceland for their June '16 start. The nurses I currently work with all say it is a great program, apparently they hire a lot of the new grads from Graceland at my hospital.

    FWIW, I've known four people who got denied from UMKC's nursing school (two of them were bio majors with 3.75 GPAs), I also hear their accreditation is being pulled. One of my best friends is currently in her first semester at Avila and she enjoys it! My only complaint about Avila (when I looked into applying there) was that they seem to be focused on just your cumulative GPA. I wanted a school that looked at me as a person as well.
  8. by   sfrw
    Avila gives every applicant who meets their criteria an interview, I would say they look at more than just your GPA.
  9. by   skc2019
    I am currently applying to Graceland and I don't know anyone else who has applied or gone there so I was wondering if you know the average GPA of people who get accepted there or what your GPA was when you got accepted? Thanks!!