CNA training in Kansas City

  1. Does anyone have any idea where I could get CNA training in the Kansas City metro area? Thank you!
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  3. by   shopgal
    Quote from MzMandie23
    Does anyone have any idea where I could get CNA training in the Kansas City metro area? Thank you!
    Hey, I live in Kansas City and you can go to Johnson County Community College, Kansas City Kansas Community College, If you live in MO, you can go to AIT or Penn Valley Community College. There are several places, just look in the phone book and sometimes nsg homes will offer the course. Good luck to you.
  4. by   Headhurt
    I know Platte County Vo-Tech also teaches CNA's. Most places you can get hired on as an NA, and they will put you through the classes.

    Good luck!
  5. by   Cherre
    Quote from MzMandie23
    Does anyone have any idea where I could get CNA training in the Kansas City metro area? Thank you!
    I know Penn Valley offers CNA training
  6. by   Glenn30
    Nau has 6 week courses on cna with i think 90 man hours. Its 650
  7. by   sjersett
    Quote from Glenn30
    Nau has 6 week courses on cna with i think 90 man hours. Its 650

    I went to NAU and it cost $650 for the class. You have a $50 book rental, and then the professor will, probably, want you to buy certain colored uniforms and you will need at least 2 of those. (about $20 per top and bottom) Also if you don't have a job and are borrowing money to get through this class you will want to factor in the gas it will take to get to and from NAU and anywhere else you will "have" to go during the 6 week classes, and testing date. Oh and don't forget the CPR/AED certification class at another $20. I went to NAU in Overland Park, KS and I live in Lee's Summit, MO. I borrowed $1000 and had NO JOB at the time. I wanted to be sure that I had the money for anything that might crop up. I really don't want anyone to feel discouraged by what I have written. I loved the professor we had there and she was very open and up front about everything during class. She even made time some days to work one on one if you needed it and was ALWAYS there for about 10 miinutes after class to help for immediate questions. I ended up spending all of the $1000 to get myself started.

    My one piece of advice that you will NEVER be able to beat......Buy your uniforms from someone else that doesn't need or want them anymore. I bought mine from a craigslister and got a whole wardrobe of uniforms for $35 and you DON'T need to buy the $90 nurses shoes unless required by the place that you are working.
  8. by   LANIE7
    It is better to take training in Missouri first then challange in Kansas. This is because Missouri requirements will provide a better education -75 classroom hours and 100 clinical hours. Cost to challange Missouri to Kansas is cheaper then going Kansas to Missouri. This way you can work in both states.

    Recommend MEDS (Medical Education Development and Support)
  9. by   almost.there....
    i took my cna through meds last year, i went through the united services. they paid for my classes and my test. then, after you successfully complete your training. they even gave me a check for $650 just for completing! can't beat that deal.
  10. by   almost.there....
    Oh, also if you go through the United Services they also give you a scrub voucher that will cover you buying some scrubs. Then, at Meds it also covered you getting your blood pressure cuff and steth.
  11. by   Got2luvqueentish
    where is united services located? i just moved back to kck & i want to get my cna certificate.
  12. by   kenyacka
    I know this is an old post, but just wanted to comment in case someone else does a search on this. I just started at MEDS and I absolutely love it. The teachers and staff are very, very helpful. You only have class 1-2 days per week and you make your own clinical schedule. You have 75 class hours and 100 clinical hours. (That's a MO state requirement.) I just wanted to encourage anyone to look into them if they're interested in being a CNA. Also, they offer payment plans to everyone with no interest. Can't beat that! It's $775 for tuition, book, and state exam. The only other thing to purchase is scrubs (and they're not picky... any scrubs will do) and materials for class (stethoscope, bp cuff, gait belt).
  13. by   Nursing0929
    I am sure that you have finished your courses at MEDS by now, just wanted to know if you can give a brief overview of your experience there as far as how they set up the payment plans, how was the instruction there, and where did you do your clinicals.

    I am interested in Nursing and I am in Penn Valley now taking my pre-req's havent decided if I am staying on at Penn Valley for the RN program or if I want to go to UMKC and just go straight for the BSN, but in the mean time I wanted to get my CNA so I can already have some kind of experience
  14. by   Nursing0929
    Can you tell me more information on the process with United Services? I read this post last week and so I went into United Services offices today and the lady at the front desk gave me the number to one of the guys that handles this, and said that I needed contact him. I wasnt able to reach him today, but I was wondering what you had to do, in order to get the help to for the CNA classes.