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  1. If a person has a lot of traffic violations and suspensions some arrests included of their license and a domestic violense charge. Will the BON not allow them to get their license?
  2. almost.there....

    Graduating from 'Pre-Nursing' Student Forum!

    Congrats everybody! I can't wait until I finish my preqs....seems like a decade....but it's all worth it. The next time I post on here....I will have GOOD NEWS TOO.:cheers:
  3. almost.there....

    Praying for the nursing shortage

    I had a friend who was a new graduate in the Kansas City area. She said that she applied to soo...(over 30) many hospital positions that they had available. But they told her that they were having a hiring freeze..........I still am taking the preqs for my nursing. However, I'm worried that in 2 more years are there still going to be problems. Or is they nursing shortage just a myth now??
  4. almost.there....

    National American University

    I have literraly been trying to finish this nursing since 2008, I just can't find the right school that's a good fit for me! I started out at NAU back in 08 then I started hearing that they were having problems with their accredidation so I left and transferred to Brown Mackie. So I went to Brown Mackie College and a friend of mine who just graduated told me that if everybody in her class didn't pass their boards then, Brown Mackie College maybe losing ALL of their nursing school accrediadation. So, I didn't want to risk all this hard work for NOTHING. I had a 3.37 GPA and one of the Nursing teachers told me that the last group of people who got into the program their GPA was no less than a 3.5. At this point I was so STRESSED out. Now, I'm back at NAU. I haven't completed my financial aide yet. But, can somebody please let me know how the program is NOW at NAU?? I'm so confused. I never knew it'd be this hard just to be a NURSE!
  5. almost.there....

    State Registry

    I believe it takes 2 or 3 weeks for it to show up. If you want you can occasionally check to see if it is there.
  6. almost.there....

    CNA training in Kansas City

    Oh, also if you go through the United Services they also give you a scrub voucher that will cover you buying some scrubs. Then, at Meds it also covered you getting your blood pressure cuff and steth.
  7. almost.there....

    CNA training in Kansas City

    i took my cna through meds last year, i went through the united services. they paid for my classes and my test. then, after you successfully complete your training. they even gave me a check for $650 just for completing! so...you can't beat that deal.