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I have literraly been trying to finish this nursing since 2008, I just can't find the right school that's a good fit for me! :eek: I started out at NAU back in 08 then I started hearing that they were having problems with their accredidation so I left and transferred to Brown Mackie.

So I went to Brown Mackie College and a friend of mine who just graduated told me that if everybody in her class didn't pass their boards then, Brown Mackie College maybe losing ALL of their nursing school accrediadation. So, I didn't want to risk all this hard work for NOTHING. I had a 3.37 GPA and one of the Nursing teachers told me that the last group of people who got into the program their GPA was no less than a 3.5. At this point I was so STRESSED out.

Now, I'm back at NAU. I haven't completed my financial aide yet. But, can somebody please let me know how the program is NOW at NAU?? I'm so confused. I never knew it'd be this hard just to be a NURSE!

i don't know if i would take a chance on going to either of those places! are either of them accredited? i was just always told that when you are going into something important as nursing, it is best to go to a reputable college and has

accreditidation. some of those places cut corners and everybody knows there is not cutting corners in professional nursing!! i went to penn valley, so i know i am good with accreditidations. plus those other places charge boo coo $$$ and make you take out a lot of students loans and stuff and they are not accredited!!

i do have a friend that was going to nau but i think they have dropped out already, don't know what for though :uhoh3:

i have a relative going to bmc and right now things are getting pretty rough for her because she has to learn a slue of medical termiology in 1 month. at penn valley, there was no pressure to learn medical terminology, we studied it everyday for mths, passed my medical terminology test with flying colors, the information had time to absorb in ours brains, we had a chance to understand it, learn it, and retain it forever!! i don't know how bmc does it, can't be right!!

but i don't know :eek:!!

I don't know about NAU now; but I graduated in Dec 07 from the Zona Rosa campus. I had a job at a local hospital before I took boards; and I have worked PRN at several hospitals, and work at another hospital now. I passed boards with 75 questions. I think all of my classmates passed boards also. I think a couple had to take them twice, but passed on their second time. I know my education prepared me for boards as well as working, so aside of the cheesy television commercials, I don't have too much bad to say about NAU.

I was an older student and needed to complete my education quickly, which is what NAU helped me achieve. I am now in a RN-BSN program at another school, and didn't have any trouble entering this, take this post as you may, but this was my experience.

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