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I'm going to be graduating soon and would like to know what the average pay is for a new RN to a general Tele or MedSurg floor. I don't want to be too eager and take a really low pay and end up... Read More

  1. by   dirtyhippiegirl
    Quote from Nursing0929
    I heard this to, my Biology teacher said that many hospitals will start requiring that their nurses have BSN, and apparently KU is the first in this area to do. He said it has something to do with what level the hospital is and the KU is the top rated Burn Center in the area.
    No, it's basically being done to inflate statistics that look good for Magnet. I'd imagine that we'll be seeing the other Magnet hospitals in the area go to a similar scheme soon enough.

    /we're not the top rated burn center in the area, we're the only burn center in the area for adults. lol.
  2. by   NicoleSN
    Kansas City kind be a rough town for an ADN. HCA facilities are friendly to ADN's. Also home health agencies are desperate for nurses! The pay doesn't seem competitive at first 19/hr but when you add milage it evens out!
  3. by   FORTHELOVEOF!!!!
    St Lukes likes ADN's as well, the Plaza location more so than the others.
  4. by   knondrejka
    I work for Carondelet Health (Saint Joseph and Saint Mary Medical Centers) and I believe they start between 21-23/hour. Really good hospitals and hiring all the time! never worked for a better hospital.

    The job postings say "Associates required, bachelors preferred" I know if you already work there as a PCA or something you may get hired with just an associates, but they want to know that a BSN is in the near future. most hospitals will only hire nurses with a BSN.
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