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  1. I have to lie if I want a new private duty job

    As a private duty nurse you have complete control over what cases you choose to take. Or at least I do and I'm a private duty nurse. Tell them the truth but in a nice way. Like, "I prefer not to drive long distances but I am open to the possibility i...
  2. RN who graduated from Concorde Career College

    I went to concorde in Kansas City. It is an extremely aggressive program. There are few open spots and hundreds of applicants. Getting in is hard but staying in is much, much harder. The trick is that you can't retake a class. You have to pass each c...
  3. Nursing Student Volunteer Opportunities

    I took an eight day trip to Haiti and it was incredible. Employers have also been very responsive to the experience. I went with International Medical Relief. I would highly recommend them.
  4. I recently spent eight days in Haiti with International Medical Relief and I have to say that it was an amazing experience. I went pretty much as a new grad and I learned so much. The organization I went with is just incredible. ALthough you must ma...
  5. KCMO Hospitals, St Lukes

    Kansas City is a very competitive market. Most of the hospitals already have nursing schools such as Truman/Umkc, st.lukes/ st.lukes school of nursing, Research Medical Center/Research nursing college, KU med/ku school of nursing. I would recommend t...
  6. Average pay for a new RN in KCMO????

    Kansas City kind be a rough town for an ADN. HCA facilities are friendly to ADN's. Also home health agencies are desperate for nurses! The pay doesn't seem competitive at first 19/hr but when you add milage it evens out!
  7. Best skill sets/experience for rural RN

    I don't know a whole lot about the WY scene but I have done clinical at some rural hospitals in missouri. In my personal experience the rural hospitals are mostly med surg. Critical patients get life flighted to other hospitals. But they are kind of ...
  8. Interview At Cheyenne Regional Monday

    I'm an RN with my ADN from kansas city mo. I've been a pediatric home health nurse for about ten months and I applied at the Peds unit at CRMC. I have a phone interview monday. I'm so excited. Does anyone have an advice or know anything about the pe...
  9. Fort Collins

    I am going to relocate to fort Collins and I am looking for work. I've been a pediatric home health nurse for a year. Any home health agency recommendation?
  10. I think that doing both would be overwhelming. However, I am just about to graduate from nursing school and one of the reasons I went in was to become a nurse practitioner. Now that that degree requires four years instead of two (well, in 2012, but a...
  11. Flushing JVAC drain?

    So, I'm going to be helping about a family friend who recently had surgery. I'm actually a week away from graduating, so this role isn't unfamiliar to me. I just plan on doing a quick assessment, changing her dressing, and flushing her jvac. The onl...