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Hi! Okay so I am planning on applying for the Penn Valley ADN program in August for Spring 2014. They have changed things quite a bit and base the applicants off of the prerequisite GPA and if you've... Read More

  1. by   amber0627
    Quote from Lilacs For Mom
    Oh and another thing... In the student portal when I do a "What if scenario" my Math 110 is listed at the very bottom under courses not used for this degree.

    An advisor can say for sure, but I think most people don't do well on the compass and have to take math through college algebra. If you score high enough on the compass and are placed at or above Math 110 you shouldn't have to take any math.
    I'm just going to follow her instructions, I can't risk it. I have a timeline laid out for myself. Lol
  2. by   kamara1
    Hi, can you give me some information about the program?
  3. by   kamara1
    Hi, do you still have the list of 40 drugs? Did you get through the program?