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This is to the current SRNA's out there. I will be starting a CRNA program in June and getting married in July. My program in front loaded. How bad do you think it will be on me to miss 5 days for my honeymoon, and how soon should I let the program know


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They may tell you to take your honeymoon on the break between semesters; that

it's not an adequate excuse for missing a week of lectures. I'd let them know immediatly what you'd like to do, maybe they can work with you.


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I am betting that they will tell you to postpone either your honeymoon, or your entry into the program.

Personally, missing a week in a front loaded program is akin to commiting scholastic suicide.

Good luck, and do consider postponing the honeymoon.



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four words....not a good idea


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Two words- think again!


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How much do you love her?

Passin' Gas

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Talk to the program now. Plan on Jamaica in December (assuming you're still married ;) )


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How much do you love her?

No, how much does she love you? She can wait for a real honeymoon later.

suzanne4, RN

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Definitely would not even consider it.....................or you may as well drop out now before you even start. Sorry, but if she isn't understanding at this point you are going to have to make some decisions.........


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Have you lost your mind? Honey, you take too long in the bathroom, and you are already behind...

Everyone out there - listen to me. I am at the end of an a$%-kicking semester, and I am going to tell it to you straight up:

If you are not willing to make tough choices, alter your priorities, and make sacrifices, then you are not ready to be successful in an anesthesia program.


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I wouldn't even dream about asking my school for that many days off. We start school in the end of August.... I don't even think I could even miss one day off. But I'm sure there are many others that would love to take your spot...


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I have a similar problem in that I start school this August and my sister is due to have a baby in September and I am her labor buddy. I just pray that the baby comes at night or on the weekend, otherwise I plan on only missing one day of classes and leaving a tape recorder with a classmate. I am assuming that this will be a legit excuse if I miss a day of classes and certainly hope it won't reflect badly on me to my professors.

I think you should definitely postpone the honeymoon. I would postpone this baby if I had any say in it! :rotfl:

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