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Missed call from potential employer, no voice message, would you call back?


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I missed a call from a potential employer for a job that is very much in line with what I am ultimately wanting. There was no voice message left. Should I call back and say I saw a missed call or just wait it out?

I am currently working so I'm not desperate for a job but what I'm currently doing is not something I want to do long term so I don't want to miss out on a possible opportunity for a job that is something I could see myself doing for the long haul. 

Chickenlady, ADN

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Call them.  Sorry I missed your call, I'm very interested in the position


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Call right away. Nothing to think about.


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Thanks everyone for the replies..I did call. I was thanked for "reaching back out to them" and told the  Director is who called, she was in a meeting and would call me back to discuss my resume. I haven't heard from her as yet but at least I called so they know I am trying to be proactive :)