Summer 3 Mayo clinic nurse externship 2017

  1. Hey guys! I know that we're still a few months from the application opening, but I'm so excited I can't wait!
    I'd love to hear from any of the previous years' externs and anyone planning on applying this summer.
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  3. by   vkyereme
    Hello! I'm also applying for the summer lll extern program for summer 2017! I'm excited to apply and see what the mayo has in store for us all!
  4. by   nursestudent896
    I'm applying too! Where is everyone from?
    Also, does anyone have any advice for applying?
  5. by   dani2tall
    I'm applying too! I'm from North Carolina.
  6. by   vkyereme
    I'm from Minnesota but I attend school in Ohio!
  7. by   OneDirection_Success
    Hi, I am originally from California, and attending school at Ohio, I am also preparing the application to apply now. Wish everyone luck!!
  8. by   Futureflightbsn
    I'm from Oklahoma!
  9. by   NursingDevil
    Hey everyone. I am also applying. I go to Arizona State University and wish it was already February.
  10. by   nursestudent896
    How are the essays going for everyone?
    I am curious what everyone's backgrounds/experiences are! I hear it is super competitive!
  11. by   CNAtoBSN
    I'm applying as well from NAU in Arizona! I've been a trauma ICU tech for 2 years now and a tech for 3.5 total. I'm my SNA's president and do a good chunk of volunteer work. Definitely still don't feel competitive enough for this one though it seems too good to be true!! How long was everyone thinking of making their essays? I'm trying to find that sweet middle of not too short and not too long haha
  12. by   christyellen
    Hi! I'm planning to apply too, I'm from Michigan!
  13. by   Futureflightbsn
    Mine are both around 2 pages but I'm trying to decide if I want to make them any longer or not. I've really struggled coming up with content for the mistake/failure question.
  14. by   Sailor Mars
    Hello everyone! I plan on applying to ALL the internships that Mayo offers, including the ones in Rochester/Mankato-MN, Wisconsin, and Arizona. I am currently an LPN at a local community college in MN but will graduate with my ADN next December. If I don't make it in this summer, I plan to apply again while in my online BSN program, since I won't graduate with my BSN until May 2019. Some advice, is to read all the other postings on Mayo's Summer III internship from previous years. They offer some good advice =) Good luck to everyone!