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  1. Mayo Clinic 2018

    Hey guys! I have a friend who's currently a Registered Nurse at Mayo Clinic. She is looking for someone to take over her lease in August! She lives at The Pines, it's a one bedroom (top floor) for $945 which is pretty affordable! The Pines has great ...
  2. Mayo Clinic 2018

    My POPA is in late May so I still got time!
  3. Mayo Clinic 2018

    I've gotten my POPA email but not my HR email yet! I'm worried!
  4. Mayo Clinic 2018

    Has anyone gotten an email about scheduling their HR appointment yet?! I've gotten my POPA scheduled already but haven't gotten an email yet about an HR appointment.
  5. Mayo Clinic 2018

    I did not interview on that specific floor but that seems like an awesome unit to start your nursing career! I say be yourself and prepare by going on the Mayo website and reading about the Mayo values and whatnot! I think Mayo even has an interview ...
  6. Mayo Clinic 2018

    I've scheduled my POPA but I haven't gotten any email from HR regarding appointments! Maybe they'll send it out in later March or April?! And I haven't started looking at housing yet but I'm looking to rent an apartment! Rochester seems to have many ...
  7. Mayo Clinic 2018

    yes I've scheduled my POPA but I haven't gotten an HR appointment email yet! But I can't wait to pass boards and start!
  8. Mayo Clinic 2018

    It's at the Methodist campus in downtown!
  9. Mayo Clinic 2018

    I accepted a position on the bone marrow transplant unit too!! I start July 30th!
  10. Mayo Clinic 2018

    Yes!! What floor will you be on again?!
  11. Mayo Clinic 2018

    bblondon, CNA that's when my tentative start date is too!!
  12. Mayo Clinic 2018

    Omg yay!! Congrats!! That's so exciting! Which unit?!
  13. Mayo Clinic 2018

    Yes that would be great!!
  14. Mayo Clinic 2018

    Wow good luck to you guys who have or just had interviews! Btw, are you guys all May grads looking to start sometime in the summer?! Just making sure I'm not the only May graduate! :)
  15. Mayo Clinic 2018

    Yup 64 hours is definitely considered full time for nurses but maybe part time for other professions even though the website says part time. You'll get the same benefits as a full time employee which is nice. And yes mine was 64 hours as well. Most p...