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  1. I'm out of state in nursing school right now but want to move back home to MN after I get my degree in december. Just wondering if anyone can give me an idea of how much new RNs can hope to make in the Minneapolis and surrounding areas. Thanks!
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  3. by   pat8585
    yeah, i posted a question about if minnesota was hiring for nurses and so far, no one answered so wondering about the job market here?

    I live in minnesota and i have HEARD (not vereified) that minnesota starts RN's at around 20 bucks an hour.
    Probably get more in the twin cities.
  4. by   xptp29a
    According to Salary-dot-com, in the Minneapolis area:
    50% of staff nurses earn between 56K to 67K per year. And on the low end 51K; on the high end 71K.

    I'm only a pre-nursing student so I can't back any of this up. Hopefully we'll get a bona-fide Minnesota nurse to verify this info.
  5. by   WannaBeNrse

    i am also only a pre-nursing student, but according to the statistics of my college (graduate job placement), around here newly grad RNs start anywhere from 16-30$/hour- so i guess an average of 20 sounds about right. i live in the country (mcleod county), though, twin cities metro might pay more.
  6. by   SanskeetRN
    I know in St. Cloud New grad nurses start at $25/hr which is similiar from what I"m hearing from classmates looking in the Cities.
  7. by   Pucca73
    I just graduate from nursing school and found a job in a hospital even before I graduate. All MN hospital pay new graduates who without any experiences $25 per hour, if you work at straight evening or nights, there will be variable pay. About how easy to find a job, I will say it is not that hard. At least, most of my classmates found job before graduate. Another suggestion, finding a nursing assistant job in a hospital, it helps a lot.
  8. by   Sassybottom
    I know the answer to this one! I just talked to a recruiter recently. $26.21/ hour for newly graduated nurses. $30.21/ hour of you work the night shift.
  9. by   sweetiez
    Oh nice! This will be nice to know when i come close to grad!
  10. by   starlight13
    Quote from Sassybottom
    I know the answer to this one! I just talked to a recruiter recently. $26.21/ hour for newly graduated nurses. $30.21/ hour of you work the night shift.
    wow! thank you, that's great to hear, it's a lot more than the offer here which is $19/hour
    can i ask which hospital that recruiter was at?
  11. by   sweetiez
    how nice.....!!
  12. by   leikerui
    At HCMC I started at just over $25/hr. With a .8 schedule, that comes to be about $43,000/year not figuring in differentials.
  13. by   sunflrz321
    Wow. Impressive. In downtown Chicago, the base pay averages $23-24/hr (before differentials) for new grad nurses. It seems merit raises are coming several times per year though in this area, and they are not experiencing nearly as much of a nursing shortage as the rural hospitals are.

    But remember, the best hospital for a new grad IS NOT the one that offers you the best salary. It is the one that offers you the best new grad training program- because THAT is what will have the most long-lasting effect on your career. Your salary will go up as you gain experience no matter where you work.
  14. by   Sassybottom
    Because of negotiations by the union, starting wages for a new grad RN is $27.27 - before shift differentials.

    Shift differentials include the differentials for working evening, night, weekend shifts and also picking up a weekend shift that you are scheduled to have off (an extra $100 per shift!)

    Working overtime can also give you an extra income boost too.