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  1. I'm so happy for those that passed the NCLEX. I wish I was in their shoes. I live in Minnesota. I graduated one year ago. I took the NCLEX exam twice but failed. This made me more depressing. The first time I got 192 questions, but the second time, I got only 85 questions. I thought that I was gonna pass for sure the second time, but to my surprise I didnot. This is killing me. I really want to pass the test. I went thru Mosby's, Kaplan, Saunders & Lippincott books but never worked much on the cd's. So this time I thought that I should work more on the Cd, so I'm taking one test a day. I got my work permit recently but now I'm in a position where I cannot do anything until I pass. I don't want to work as a CNA. Can anyone please tell me any jobs that I can do without having a license. Also let me know if there are any LPN jobs in Minnesota that I can do without taking care of patients...for example like in a office typing patient data, etc...
    Also give me suggestions/advices how to study for the test. I feel like a big burden on my shoulders. I'm anxiously waiting for the day of relief. Honestly at one point I felt like God was not helping me at all. I don't know what to thing....this is killing me and making me very sad. I want to be happy and enjoy life like my friends do.
    Also can you tell me the salary for LPN's in Minnesota if you have any clue. Some of my friends earn like 16$/hr. I feel bad when I think of them beacuse, V all studied in the same school and almost everyone passed the 1st time. I guess I'm the only one in this position. Please help me guys....please pray for me.....I don't want to spend my time sitting idle and getting depressed. I want to work like my friends . I want to get busy too. I guess u guys know what I'm going thru.....kindly help!!!

    I'm really bad with med questions. I guess out of 10 I might answer only one /two. I know this very bad, but I can't help it out with meds. I'm very very verrryyy weak at byhearting/remembering them. Please help me with tips that I can use towards remembering these horrible med questions.
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  3. by   waterfalls
    I'm surprised that there isn't anyone here in Minnesota who can help me.....I thought that if I post my concerns here under Minnesota nurses page I might have someone out there who is going through the same situation and can help me. But to my surprise not even a single person read my post here. I guess I must post mine only under forums...
  4. by   Brian
    Please be patient and understand how a community like this works. People do not feel obligated to answer every question, as people read post, some feel obliged to answer, others just read and browse.

    Your post has many complicated issues in it. Maybe it so complicated and too many questions for one post. Maybe scaling down your questions so they are easier to answer, might be beneficial.

    Everyones time is valuable, and to get a good answer to your all your questions could be quite time consuming, and complaining of why no one has answered your question in a day is not really going to help people want to help answer your questions.

    Good Luck!
  5. by   Silverdragon102

    You did get some answers in the NCLEX forum, link above. I suggest a read in that forum where I am sure you will find hints and tips on studying for the exam.

    Good luck
  6. by   caliotter3
    If you don't like working as a CNA, then you need to find the key to studying and passing the NCLEX. Your post stated you tried many resources. Suggest you stick with Saunders and do the plan suggested by Suzanne4. There is a sticky on the NCLEX forum where she starts you on her study program. Most people who follow her advice, pass on the first try. Try it. Good luck.

    Also had the thought that if you don't like CNA work, you may not be happy as a licensed nurse. Direct patient care is not limited to CNAs. Nurses do some of this also. You might want to consider a job in a hospital, such as admitting clerk, ward clerk, data entry operator in the information systems dept., or medical records clerk. These jobs generally do not pay as well as nursing but your knowledge would not be wasted and you wouldn't have to give patient care.
  7. by   waterfalls
    Brian...I understand that everyone studying my post doesn't have to reply, but I was confused if I should type my concerns under Minnesota nurses or not. That's it. I din't mean to hurt anyone.
    Thanks for the info though...
  8. by   Brian
    No worries, no hurt at all It just seemed as though you were not happy that you had no responses yet

    My main reason for replying, was just offering some advice, for example instead of posting all your questions in one post, you could post your nclex questions in the nclex forum, your MN specific questions in an individual post here in the MN forum etc....

    splitting up your topics into relevant forums is the best way to get better responses, then just be patient, and hope that some of the 26,000 visitors a day feel compelled to reply to your post

    The advice on Suzannes NCLEX course is a great one. Again, good luck!
  9. by   caliotter3
    Just to let you know, in case you haven't already noticed by perusing the site, there are many very good and provocative threads, as well as not so good thead topics, that go with zero answers. I've often wondered why of all of more than 250,000 members at the present time, nobody can find the time to respond, even if to do nothing more than acknowledge a post and state they don't know the answer. There is no rule that says people must respond. There are also people who respond to posts that are attempts at being helpful, or asking a question, by walking the thin line of rudeness and going out of their way to show how superior their own point of view on any topic is. That is just the nature of the people who make it a point to take their time to post here. I try to set aside the snippety answers and focus on the well thought out responses where responders are trying to make a valid point to help someone or discuss a topic in a rational, noncondescending manner. Brian was not trying to make you feel bad, I assure you. He has responded to me in helpful ways. Hope your feelings aren't hurt.
  10. by   MNmom3boys
    You have already received some good feedback here, and I'd like to add a little more. First of all, I found studying using the CD to be very helpful. To me it felt like studying from the CD on the computer gave me experience in taking the tests in a similar format to the actual NCLEX. In addition, you can limit the test to the type of questions that you are having trouble with. I believe the book I used was Saunders.

    Secondly, I have no idea what income levels for LPNs are - but there are several threads that ask similar questions, and some good salary websites are mentioned. (I just can't think of the names off the top of my head. Sorry!) It would appear you probably have some pretty accurate info from talking to your former classmates. Or, feel free to repost that specific question on this forum.

    Finally, I have noticed that because many more people are active on the general nursing forum questions get answered much more quickly there - sometimes w/in minutes. But, I and several other people seem to cruise through here on a regular basis, just perhaps not as fast as you were hoping in your original posts.

    Good-luck w/ your continued test prep and job search.

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