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Okay, I'm not sure what it is...hypothyroidism, brain tumor, being overweight, you name it I'd like to get it all checked out. My problem is being able to concentrate or focus. When asked a question that requires me to recall from short-term memory or long-term memory, I cannot remember, sometimes I just feel like I have a block. I know the situation or what was said sounds very familiar, but I cannot recall the details. This is really bothersome to me and I am wondering if I should be worried. My ex has told me that I always forget the important stuff and my now husband gets frustrated when he says " I told you this and that", and I don't remember. I used to think it was from being busy, under alot of stress, or from traumatic experiences as the reasons I just don't remember alot, but now life is pretty smooth and I'm still struggling with this. Day-to-day I function well, no other c/o other than the fuzzy mind and poor memory. While this is not a nursey-nurse question per say, the input on this website is so vast, I wanted to get some advice from anyone who had any.

Thanks so much!


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From your post sounds like this has been a life long problem, it may be

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Have you tried carrying a notebook and calender and writing down important things, dates, events, etc? Whenever I feel a little fuzzy or unable to concentrate I first make sure I took my anxierty/depression meds for the day (haha, but it really does affect my memory) and then I look at my calender, write down things, even minor things like having to copy a paper and mail it out or remember to call work to get my schedule.

If you feel you should get it checked out, then I would def recommend it. But you might also want to try streamlining and organizing your life if you haven't done so in the past.


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Thanks for your input!

I'm new here but have you tried taking Omega 3-6-9's? They're cheap nutritional supplements that seem to work well for me when I get into that brain fog. A straight dose of Cod Liver Oil works well by itself, also a very inexpensive rememdy for memory enhancement.


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i too have the same problem,up to the extent of becoming stupid not to remember important things,i'll follow these sugestions,thank you so so much.

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What does your doctor say? Have you been tested for the various physical conditions that can cause these sorts of problems? As you stated in your original post, there are MANY things that could be the underlying cause of your problem. Get them checked out with your health care provider before making assumptions.

My father had severe memory problems due to atherosclerosis. I had that "foggy" thing going on for about a year before my hypothyroidism was diagnosed and treated. (One dose of Synthroid and I felt as if I were awake and alert for the first time in over a year!) As you said, there are lots of possibilities.

Get checked out by your doctor to be sure!

Good luck.

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I think you have Selective Alzheimer's.

Don't worry I have it too.

My doc told me mine was stress related and then told me that I need to focus when people tell me things. I tend to wander in my thoughts. LOL he said I have to much going on in my head. I worry while I should be listening. This was after he ruled out everything else of course.

We started a sleeping and exercise program and now that I don't feel so stressed out my memory and thought processes are back with a vengeance.


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That's cute, "Selective Alzheimers", never heard of that one before. What kind of sleeping/exercises are you doing with success? I just get so frustrated with myself, when it happens, I think I have anxiety too, even though I don't like to admit that. But I think I have alot of anxiety going on in my head, I think way too much!! I can't tell you the times I've heard people say that to me.

Thanks for the input,


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I keep a little notebook with me, or put notes on my PDA.

Every now and then, I read through my notes to keep the information fresh in my mind.

I also agree that when I am eating healthy, getting enough sleep, and am exercising regularly, my memory seems to be better.

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Definitely get a physical work up. Depression can also cause these type of things. I write everything down or most times in 10 seconds its gone, sigh. One thing I have found is that the longer I'm a nurse on my unit the easier things are to remember because not everything is foreign to me like the names and appearances of the pills I commonly administer etc. Wish you well.


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I had the same problem. But I sort of knew what I needed. For me, I was not brain stimulated enough. At work, I forgot all the information. It affected me pretty bad. Like you, I am a deep thinker, always thinking, possibly even stressed but didn't know it. When I tried to read, I had a hard time registering information. I knew I had to do some brain excercises so I started attending community college. Just one semester of academic stimulant has helped me with my memory. I had terrible short term memory. I also started walking, taking deep breaths to put oxygen in my brain. I started writing down my appts, every little thing. I will set my alarm notification on my Palm centro 1 month ahead to remind 2 time a week. It takes that much amount of time to be reminded so it can finally go through my long term memory. THe more I did this, the better I became. I am still working on it but I can feel the difference. I am beginning to focus more and more on tasks. Suggested vitamins might help too. I will look into the Omega 3-6-9-s and cod liver. THanks to those who posted this. Hope this helps.


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