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midwestern state university spring 2012


I was just wondering if anybody else has applied to Midwestern State University for Spring 2012??

If so, have you guys heard anything yet?!


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Hello and welcome to the site.

I moved your thread to the TX Nursing Programs forum for better discussion.

Also does anyone know the minimum requirements? On their Nursing catalog they don't specifically point out which courses are needed to be complete by the deadline if any


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I'm graduating from here. Wouldn't recommend.


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It's crap. It's constantly changing. The professors do not have proper rapport with the students. If you are of a minority ethnicity then it's difficult. Lots of cheating and people passing through the program. It's going to be dangerous if those people pass hesi and are able to walk for graduation. Not enough clinical experiences. Very unorganized. Nclex pass rate only 79%.....


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If I knew what I know now I would have NEVER came here. But I'm thankful I've met my bf here...good friends...and thankly I have a job in an internship program that will train me with classes and a preceptor in the ER...so if you go here...get in..get out...get into a new grad program..

oh ok, thats great congrats! That's where I wanna be when I graduate, in the ER or trauma center. I just want to start and graduate and get into the workforce :)

Wow...is it really that bad? It seemed like a good program from what I've heard, but wow. That's insightful. I'm just ready to be accepted somewhere so I can learn and get a real job:)

Is anyone here almost done with the program, I have been chosen for the spring 2012 nursing class at MSU school of nursing , however I would like to know how is the environment , the tenacity of the program. Is it a well recognized program in the job Market, how most likely will it be easy for a future employer to recruit a nurse from this school, Thank you

When did you find out raiza67??

Just remember, you may want to get in and get out like I want to, but choosing the right school for you can make the biggest difference. You want to attend somewhere that's affordable for you, recommended, and has a great support system of staff and team members. The professors and staff can either make or break you.

I was going to go to mwsu for another degree program but I moved to San Antonio. I thought the school was a great school but I didn't have anyone to verify it.

When did you find out raiza67??

At Neekola, i e-mailed Mrs R C. as i have been doing for a while back then, she told me on wednesday but they made the decision since last week. So she said letters will be coming in. the next few weeks

I was going to go to mwsu for another degree program but I moved to San Antonio. I thought the school was a great school but I didn't have anyone to verify it.

So according to you if you went there is MSU a good school for nursing, is the Staff helpful, ik for one tuition is affodable. But the school is it recomended?

Not sure, I moved from Mass down to Texas and one of my reasons for picking msu was because they were soooo affordable, even for out of state tuition. But I went to UTSA instead.

Ok I see, do you know anyone who can give me some info on the school, because i've read, the program is not good, minorities have a hard time and everything, because i am trying to see if I should just wait again to apply to another school which has a good program for fall, in the meantime i do sth else and prepare well my hesi especially anatomy portion. Or i start my first two semesters, and if transferable transfer to the school i will apply to for next year. What do you think


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